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Title: Kill
Format: CD
Release Date: 23/Jan/2010
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 1st offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

ADRENICIDE is definately one of, and arguably, the premier Crossover band in Britain. With absolutely no consideration for modern trends,Adrenicide first unleashed their own savage brand of kick-ass Crossover in Jan.2003. The band's 7 release career made them get strong attention and killer reviews from some of the most respected sources. “Adrenicide will kick your ass!” Magazines as diverse as “Organ Magazine” (not usually noted for reviewing Crossover bands), and Bible For the Underground “ Terrorizer Magazine , unanimous in their praise: “Organ” stating: “They got it nailed down and they got it nailed down good”. “Terrorizer” proclaiming: “The songs are very short, very sweet & shamelessly Old School…Adrenicide's material is specifically designed to whip up a circle pit frenzy.” Perhaps”Undbound zine” hit the nail on the head by claiming ”Raging Full On” could have easily released in the 80's…”. “ Profane Existence Magazine” echoed these sentiments: “Adrenicide maybe the U.K.'s best kept secret…Like a flashback to '86.” Arguably the greatest comment a band could be given.

Adrenicide continue to be one of the only true Old School bands in the UK. To them THRASH ISN'T BACK: TO THE TRUE, IT NEVER FUCKIN' WENT AWAY!.”

"KILL" is the 2009 band release and offers pure 80's Crossover that will blow your fuckin' heads off !

> Track List
1. Intro 12. Spit the hair
2. Let them eat steel 13. Crimson hell
3. Ignite the fight 14. Brace for impact
4. Wake afraid 15. Struck by lightning (twice)
5. Welcome to the suck 16. aliens and alcoholics
6. Ravenous metal 17. Guilty of being white
7. Pope on a rope 18. Call the police
8. No plan B 19. Attitude problem
9. Bring me the devil 20. I killed a whore
10. Nuclear puke 21. Dead calm (sea of blood)
11. Government pigs 22. All went black
> Sound Sample


> Reviews
Lords of Metal

I really liked Adrenicide's 'Raging Full On' CD (2007) and I guess I've been asleep and these guys are on drugs or something (and if they're not then perhaps they should be!) because after that particular album they released ‘Natural Born Thrashers' (2008), ‘Pioneers In The Land Of The Dead' (2009) and ‘Kill', which came out in August 2009 by Thrashard Records and now is (re-)released by Endless Brutality Of Men Records. Honestly, since my last Adrenicide review nothing has actually changed so I copied and pasted a part of it down here:

The CD contains 21 songs of mid-Eighties crossover. Did I hear Wehmacht? Did I hear D.R.I.? Did I hear S.O.D.? Did I hear more recent representatives of the crossover lobby group like Municipal Waste or S.S.S.? Yes I certainly did! Of course Adrenicide aren't the best songwriters of musicians in the world, but it's the fun that counts here so grab a beer, put on your Bermuda shorts and band cap, form a circle and fucking MOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH! Check ‘em out and order some CD's or merchandise here .

I'm pretty sure I will buy more of this stuff from these guys soon because they are pretty wild and play no nonsense crossover / thrash metal which is enjoyable and exciting. And to be honest, which band has a singer that sounds like The Young One's Vyvyan on dope? Only Adrenicide does! I also I copied and pasted the rating of this album below…

Rating: 79/100

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ADRENICIDE - Let Them Eat Steel