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Title: Natural Born Thrashers
Format: CD
Release Date: 21/May/2013
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 28th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

ADRENICIDE's two Crossover Classics are back !!

Adrenicide may be the U.K.'s best kept secret…Like a flashback to '86.” - Arguably the greatest comment a band could be given.

Adrenicide continue to be one of the only true Old School bands in the UK. To them THRASH ISN'T BACK: TO THE TRUE, IT NEVER FUCKIN' WENT AWAY!.”

This re-edition of "Natural Born Thrashers" comes packaged with a new layout and 3 live tracks as bonus. Adrenicide offers pure 80's Crossover that will blow your fuckin' heads off !

> Track List
1. Primitive logic 12. Adreni-cider
2. Vital signs fade 13. Dying time crawls
3. Celebrate the blade 14. Garland greene
4. Born drunk 15. They kill…you kill…we kill
5. Wrekin ball 16. Sniff the bottle
6. Ghosts from beyond 17. Perfecting the virus
7. Hospital hard-on 18. World gone mad
8. Let the violence commence 19. Break-neck velocity
9. Fight to the death 20. Global, death, plot (live) *
10. Bow down to no one 21. Hospital hard-on (live) *
11. Fed to the sharks 22. Form a circle (live) *
  (*) Bonus tracks
> Sound Sample

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ADRENICIDE - Primitive Logic ADRENICIDE - Perfecting the Virus