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> Biography

Adrenicide is definately one of,and arguably,the premier Crossover band in Britain. Formed in Jan.2003,the core of the band has always comprised: Nuno Evaristo-(most instruments/vocals)and Neilson Armstrong-(vocals/bass) two old school fuck-heads, on a mission to make pure 80's Hardcore/Crossover. Adrenicide is the bastard son of this union.

With absolutely no consideration for modern trends,Adrenicide first unleashed their own savage brand of kick-ass Crossover in Jan.2003.With heads full of dumb-ass riffs,they wasted no time in writing & recording the raw as fuck "Impropaganda"-the first elbow-to-the-face of the Nu-Metal shit that seems to prevail then. More a collection of demo's than a fully-fledged album, "Impropaganda"is an uncompromising reaction to the sugar-coated shit that masquerades as modern Metal. Brutal & primitive?certaintly,but it has the key ingredient missing today-memorable songs that you can fuckin' Mosh and form a circle to.

The fall of 2004 saw the release of "All Went Black" -a landmark release in the career of Adrenicide,as it signified the arrival on the Metal-scene of something special. Primal aggression couple with superior songwriting,it spawned such instant classics as:"Statue Of Bigotry", "Murder Machine", and the aforementioned crowd favourite-"All Went Black". Musicians came, musicians went-unflinching, the terrible two-some continued at the wheel of the Adrenicide juggernaut, steam-rollerin' into the spring of 2005 with the album-"We Are Not Afraid"-a collection of old & unreleashed shit from the Adren-archives, alongside some covers of old shit like "Milk" by S.O.D. and "Condemned System" by Terrorizer . "We Are Not Afraid" also includes the underground classic "Admit Defeat", a song that has been compared to: " Cryptic Slaughter on Colombias national product". the latter part of 2005, and the early part of 2006, saw Adrenicide consolidating their position, as one of Britains top Crossover bands, even though the search for suitable musicians, old school enough to join the Adrenicide Army continued unavailed.

On a steady diet of beer, "D.R.I." and "Wehrmacht" albums, the two set about recording the songs for the sampler CD-"Crossover-dose!" and writing songs for their fourth album-"Drunk With Power" initial response to the demo tracks was massive-the title track was covered by another band live before the album came out!! “Drunk With Power” came out early winter 2006, and again, the response in the global Metal underground was unanimously positive, prompting “Lords of Metal” zine to say: “Thrashers, Moshers & Crossover freaks pay attention now, because I'm pretty sure Adrenicide will fuck you up…” Sure enough; people got fucked up and people were now definately paying attention. “A+” reviews from all over the world, were hailing Adrenicide as pretenders to the throne of Mosh-pit kings and as true possessors of the 80's vibe: “Neo-zine” saying: “I haven't heard anything that made me want to dominate the circle/pit like this in a very long time”. "E-Metal Reviews" continued the theme, exclaiming: “Goddamn-It feel like I just got my ass handed to me in the pit”. Bigger zines had started to take notice; Adrenicide were now prime-movers in the ever burgeoning “New Wave Of British Thrash Metal ” along with Gama Bomb & Evile. Zero Tolerance Magazine stating: “Fantastic fun and pretty damn good as well. This is a real rush full of short, sharp, adrenaline injections…”

Around this time Blake MacReady became more of a permanent fixture in the band. Except for his regular disapperances, which he usually blamed on Alien Abduction. Cheap beer nights at his local is probably closer to the truth. Through early 2007, the band started rehearsing and jammin' the ruff tracks that would later become their next CD. Still the band refused to play live: “Until we can put on the show our fans deserve; there'll be no show” (Nuno: March 2007). It seemed the band were following the logic of the band Venom 25 years earlier-No fuckin' half-measures. Adrenicide live? Watch this space….

The ruff tracks took form during 2007, again elements of Hard-core/Crossover/Thrash were thrown into the mix and pieced together, as if by a drunken Doctor Frankenstein. The resulting monster was “Raging Full On”. On this release, you'll hear a band in full-flight. Sometimes deadly serious lyrically, but always seeming to have fun. As a unit, the band seemed to have matured, yet still retained their sense of being dumb-asses. “There's a lot of intelligence in our stupidity. Most bands just have a lot of stupidity in their intelligence” (Neil: June 2007). With lyrics covering topics as diverse as the death of Jean Charles De Menezes (“Justice?”), through to “Alcoholocaust” which is about being trapped in a Pub under siege by drunken zombies: I don't think I'm in a position to argue with the singers logic.

The reviews that followed were again, almost all shouting the same slogan, “Adrenicide will kick your ass!” Magazines as diverse as “Organ Magazine” (not usually noted for reviewing Crossover bands), and Bible For the Underground “ Terrorizer Magazine , unanimous in their praise: “Organ” stating: “They got it nailed down and they got it nailed down good”. “Terrorizer” proclaiming: “The songs are very short, very sweet & shamelessly Old School…Adrenicide's material is specifically designed to whip up a circle pit frenzy.” Perhaps”Undbound zine” hit the nail on the head by claiming ”Raging Full On” could have easily released in the 80's…”. “ Profane Existence Magazine” echoed these sentiments: “Adrenicide maybe the U.K.'s best kept secret…Like a flashback to '86.” Arguably the greatest comment a band could be given. 1986. The year of the Big Four: Slayer/Metallica/Anthrax & Megadeth . High praise indeed!

“Please Sir; can we sign your band?!”. “No, you fuckin' can't, you fuckin' parasite!” Adrenicide retain complete control of their music. How many signed bands can say that? Don't take the piss and maybe they'll listen to you, Mr. Record-Company Man. Maybe…2008 saw Adrenicide move up yet another gear: more rehearsing, more writing, more influences and yet more Beer. Which of these factors was the most important is debatable, but something which was added to the mix, resulted in Adrenicide writing some of their greatest songs yet: “Celebrate The Blade”,“Fed To The Sharks”,”Primitive Logic…” are instantly recognisable as Adrenicide, but have something ”different” about them: maybe the playing has improved, or maybe it's because I can hear “Voivod” in their music, now. I don't know! Maybe they were just more drunk when they created this album!!

Legislating for the usual chaos (disappearing drummers, other people and companies taking the piss, etc…), “Natural Born Thrashers” (as the new album is titled) was released Oct. 10th. Having heard some of the demos, I'm pretty certain it will kick your asses!!

Adrenicide continue to be one of the only true Old School bands in the country. To them, it's about the songs, the lyrics, the image; the whole deal, not just borrowing your older brother's “Exodus” or “Testament” albums and forming a tribute act. You know this band will still be standing once the band wagon jumping copy-cats have long since folded. Remember the true spirit of the 80's crossover scene-lets stick together and make the scene work this time. Thrashers, Punks, Moshers and Crossover freaks-Unite and let's all shout the same fuckin' thing: “THRASH ISN'T BACK: TO THE TRUE, IT NEVER FUCKIN' WENT AWAY!.” Stay true .

> Discography
Album Label Year
Impropaganda   2002
All Went Black   2004
We Are Not Afraid   2005
Drunk With Power   2006
Raging Full On   2007
Natural Born Thrashers   2008
Adrenicide vs. Drencroms - Split CD   2009
Kill   2009
> Line-up
Vocals/Bass: Neilson
Guitar: Nuno
Drums: Blake
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