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> Biography

ALCOHOLIC RITES was Alkolized and Fermented in 2002 by :  Devastador, Lucifeid & Agnan, influenced by Alcohol, Anti-Christianism & Old School Metal of War. The first Ep "METAL ALCOHOLICO DESTRUCTIVO" (Iron Bonehead / Ger) sounds like a Shit…¡¡¡ A pure fucking Deathrashing Metal Massacre…¡¡¡ ...just like the Mc “SIXXX BIZARRE SHITS” (Vultur Gryphus Recs. / Ecu) ...and the Lp "ALKOMANIFESTO" (Iron Bonehead / Ger) it's not an exception, another RAW...ROTTEN & INSANE Masterpiece…¡¡¡ Metal, Spikes & Leather destroying your fucking FATE...¡¡¡

The Band also appears in the Heavy Metal Cookbook HELLBENT FOR COOKING  by Annick Giroux "The Morbid Cheff"...with the most insane Bands from all around the World.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Metal Alcoholico Destructivo EP Iron Bonehead 2008
Sixxx Bizarre Shits MC Vultur Gryphus Recs 2009
Alkomanifesto LP Iron Bonehead 2010
> Line-up
Guitar/Vocals: DEVASTADOR
Drums/Vocals: LUCIFEID
Bass/Vocals: AGNAN
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