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Title: V/A
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2005
Price: $14.00 USD

Available as LP some years ago, this V/A compilation sees the light again on CD version. Featuring several HC / Punk / Crust bands from all over Latinamerica which left here, in this piece of disc, a bit of their hearts, their sweat, their tears & their rage for the fucked up situation of most of our countries on this side of the planet. Bands such as: Desobediencia Civil (Mex), Abuso Sonoro (Bra), Autocontrol (arg), Disturbio Menor(chi), Los Crudos (USA) ,...etc. The CD comes in a very special Book-like packaging and includes a 24 page Booklet with pictures, info and lyrics of each band. This booklet looks like a mini-replica of the original Zine that came with the original LP. Also, this CD version includes (as bonus) 5 bands not included on the original LP. Awesome compilation and a true document of the Latinamerican HC movement...

> Track List
1.Regeneracion (mex) 14. 200 Muertos (pr)
2.Abuso Sonoro (bra) 15. Es Mierda (col)
3.Disturbio Menor (chi) 16. Revuelta Propia
4. Autocontrol (arg) 17. 720º (arg)
5. Enemigo d clase (par) 18. Silencio Absoluto
6. Los rezios (per) 19. Os Mocos (bra)
7. Fertil Miseria (col) 20. Redencion 911
8. Los Crudos (usa) 21. Coprofilia (mex) *
9. Crisis Politica (ven) 22. Huasipungo (usa) *
10. Fun People (arg) 23. Discordia (mex) *
11. Accion Directa (Arg) 24. Apatia No (col) *
12. Desobediencia Civil 25. Underthreat (bra) *
13.Enfermos Terminales * bonus tracks
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> Reviews

Here's a massive collection of 25 Latin American bands cranking out one song each, much of which is straightforward crusty hardcore/punk with extremely raw recordings (some of which are almost certainly recorded live). I've only heard of a handful of these bands, with the now defunct Los Crudos of course being the most notable (I imagine this is an old compilation?), but that doesn't really matter. Regeneracion and Abuso Sonoro start things off with no nonsense crust complete with driving rhythms and forceful vocal arrangements, while Disturbio Menor then uses faster vocal patterns and a little subtle melody in "Nos Esta Quedando Chica Suramerica" ....... there are a handful of bands that I want to look out for based on this compilation, so that's something to appreciate right there.

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