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Title: Split
Format: CD
Release Date: 20/May/2015
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 40th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Greek Thrash Metal rising stars Amken deliver their debut EP, "Adrenaline Shot"
Four fast and infectious tracks. Great riffs, great solos and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are these guys hallmark.
The musicianship is absolutely top notch and even more surprisingly, the production is of the absolute highest quality
Amken is pure fun and, most of all, pure fucking thrash !!
fans of Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault and Havok are going to feel right at home here.

In a more Slayersque and darker style, Maze of Terror comes with their debut EP "Skull Crusher" , a brutal assault from these South American Thrashers. It flies by like a black tornado from start to finish.
Track one, "Damned to Eternal Pyre" begins the band's side with a bang, and shoots out of the gate with a blistering main riff and the anger drenched screaming vocals of Leviathan. His vocals are one of the most aggressive things about the band's music.
MOT never tries to mix it up with a soft breakdown or interlude either. The consistent brutality of their sound is what makes it so special.
So, "Skull Crusher", MOT's debut, is as brutal as it is relentless and merciless.
Summing up, this Split Release features the debut EPs of 2 bands from both sides of the planet and is an essential listening for diehards of this genre.

> Track List
1. Adrenaline Shot 5. Damned to Eternal Pyre
2. Zombie Pets 6. Hatred & Repression
3. Nightmares 7. Lord of Destruction
4. God's Asleep 8. Rivals
  8. Run with Death
> Sound Sample

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