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> Biography

The band was formed in May 2005 when Rob (Bronco Franko, ex-G.I.M.U., ex-Stryk, ex-Not So Lost etc) joined forces with Kribba (Infanticide, ex-G.I.M.U.) and Lortsimon (Infanticide, ex-Digital Dödsmaskin). Recorded some shit some months later and then we let Patte (ex-Stryk etc) and Abusabian (Bronco Franko, ex-Not So Lost) put dual vocals on the songs. Most of these songs ended up on the Snipercrust 7" which was released by Get Revenge Records spring 2006.
But several months before the 7"release Abusabian decided to leave the band and he was replaced by Emil (Gadget). The new lineup recorded more shit in dec 2005 / january 2006 and 3 of those songs will be on the upcoming split7" with Twisted System, Unrest Records.
Emil was then kicked out because we don't want "featuring member from Gadget"-stickers on our releases (hehe) and since then we're a 4piece. Dual vocals is cool but shit happens and Patte is doing fine alone.
During the summer 2006 we got a splitCD-deal with Alternate System on E.B.M. Records and we recorded lots of pretty short songs for this release.
In the same time we recorded our massacred version of the song "Exploitation" by Doom (r.i.p.) which will be on the tribute to Doom LP - which is gonna be released sooner or later by Helvete Records.
In January 2007 we recorded about 30 minutes = 18 songs  (including a cover of "Road to Hell" by Meanwhile) which is gonna end up on a CD on our own label Criminal Records.
to be continued...

> Discography
Album Label Year
Snipercrust 7" EP Get Revenge 2006
Assassination / Alternate System Split CD EBM 2006
Assassination / Twisted System Split EP Unrest 2008
Decivilize CD Criminal Rex 2007
> Line-up
Vocals: Patte
Guitar: Rob
Bass: Lortsimon
Drums: Kribba
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