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Title: Split
Format: CD
Release Date: 20/oct/2007
Price: $9.00 USD

The comeback of the Croatian Grindcore masters. Alter 2 monumental full lenghts on EBM records and a very succesful show at the infamous Obscene Extreme Fest 2006 , this maniacs are ready to kick your ass one more time. Their Grind noise is now well know worldwide and has gotten fantastic reviews at some of the most respected webzines out there. So be ready for more grindcore violence from the masters. Another Croatian Grindcore monster, Mercenary Cockroach , split up this release with a total fierce, maniac  and devastating Grindcore sound that surely will destroy your ears. Bolesno Grinje - 9 songs & Mercenary Cockroach - 9 songs, aprox. 35 minutes of pure grind terror & noise destruction !!!

> Track List
Bolesno Grinje Mercenary Cockroach
1. grinjo lobija 10. capitalist values
2. dajem otkaz 11. take a pill
3. moj prijatelj zombi 12. apocalypse upside down
4. P.T.S.P 13. age of deception
5. zemlja zove grinje 14. steps to nowhere
6. nema me 15. no on paper
7. mamu im 16. 0.00 promile
8. odmor 2 metra pod zemljom 17. dead hope
9. nervosa 18. prejudice
> Sound Samples


> Reviews
Nuclear Abominations

Never in a million years I would have guessed that a band with a shitty loser name like this would be this good. They are a fucking bulldozer of a band with a sound that initially reminded me of Extinction of Mankind and Self Hate . Powerful, in your face bulldozer grindcore with ultra fat, sinewy, bulging sound and super deep vocals. And have a listen to the drummer, a non stop machine. And what about the solos (!!!), even the solos are good in an almost Morbid Angelesque way. Hell yes, I am nuts but all this brutality blends flawlessly with its simplicity. There are no million metal riffs, just cut throat blasting, guttural growls and this metallic wrapping sound. And for some reason it doesn't sound metal at all, which is good in a weird way. I must say I have fallen in love with this band, I just wish it had some skulls in their logo and some guts on the cover artwork, sigh! But you know how it is with Eastern Europe, they have to make fun of everything, I guess it must have been all that gray, humorless communism they went through.

Seriously speaking this band KICK SOME SERIOUS ASSES. Once picked out two or three weak tarantellas in the whole side, the rest is untainted brutality without frills and embellishments. We need more bands with this linear approach to grindcore. It might be a bot too clean for some palates but other than that they shred. Very recommended. Just cross your fingers that one day they will change name!

Another solid hit from our Croatian friends Bolesno Grinje. From what i understand this album is dedicated to a community of people and bands that live in an ex-barracks building in the city of Pula. It is kinda strange for me to hear because I probably have some distant parents in that city, since my grandfather is from Koper and my Grandmother from Piran. They are not in Croatia but all these cities belonged to Italy before the last war. I also hardly heard any good grindcore bands from Croatia other than Bolesno Grinje that I can remember of, but this band definitely has definitely made some good stuff in their albums: their songs are strong and their chemistry tight and convincing.

Powerful metallic grind with an edge is the formula they have stuck on, and so far it's the 4th release I hear from them and they never slowed down nor wimped out an inch. Their style is personal and not particularly easy to pigeonhole. Fast paced rhytms are abundant as in any grind band but their sound is thick and powerful in the best Agathocles / Cripple Bastards way. The vocals are still that kind of gruff barf typical of old English grindcore bands, but they fit real good here. No special tricks but each and all of the guitar riffs save a very bad song in the end of their side (”Nervoza”…. completely useless experiment IMHO) are arranged with taste. This is a good album for people into Mince Core and grind with a lot of muscle. Good shit even if not strictly my favorite thing.

One doubt still bothers me… what the fuck is the thing on the cover? My best bet so far is a close up of a white chocolate bar with nuts. Your guess?

Supreme Brutality

The Croatian grindcore freaks Bolesno Grinje has outdone themselves on this split CD. I found their 2006 release Od Nesvijesti do Grinda to be okay, but the music on this split CD is better as the songs are way more interesting. The music is a bit untraditional, but very catchy. Songs like "Dajem Otkaz" and "P.T.S.P." gets under the skin right away. The Croatians do still have quite a few references to Napalm Death , but the band's own ideas by far overshadow these. Like most other grindcore the music is simplistic and straight forward, but it works just like it's supposed to.

On this split CD Bolesno Grinje has teamed up with their countrymen in Mercenary Cockroach . The band plays brutal grindcore with machinegun-like drumming. The music however is not a total pummel from start to finish. The band allows room for slower and catchy parts now and then. Actually a solo or two also appear here and there. Just like Bolesno Grinje the Napalm Death references are noticeable, but Mercenary Cockroach do to a large degree have their own style and sound. Unfortunately the songs tend to suffer a bit under the extremely thick production. At times it's close at becoming a muddy blur. On the whole this split CD is an enjoyable experience which ought to please the common grindcore fan.

Lords of Metal

This split CD takes you on an exotic journey for a wee more than half an hour. Two Croatian bands are presented here and it is funny to see how small the world is nowadays, knowing that the label is in Mexico! Bolesno Grinje has even released three other CDs on the label before! History teaches us that Croatia and all ex-Yugo countries have plenty of punk and hardcore bands with the right attitude. However, most of the time the equipment they used was pre-WW I, so it great to hear that this problem is greatly solved.

But to get a flashback, listen to the very first song of the first band Bolesno Grinje . They use multiple vocals, ranging in style of the squealing pig to the guttural blood choking sounds, staccato guitar riffs and fierce but cookie jar sounding drums. It's a happy meeting of different styles like old punk to hardcore to grindcore to crust to even power violence. I must admit I am fond of this sound! If you like the best morning exercises for your neck muscles, try 'My Friend Zombie'. Or use it as a warming up for the ultra fast 'Earth Calling', where the guitars perfectly reproduce a police siren. OK, it's not original and probably done one thousand times before, but who gives a toss? It's smooth and well to digest grind! Quite a surprise! http://www.bolesnogrinje.org

Mercenary Cockroach also hails from Croatia and brings us nine songs that are produced differently that the Bolesno Grinje ones. The band is more in chop chop chop death metal like pre historic Autopsy or early grind by Carcass. It also is not as varied, but the solo's are a welcome variation point, and frankly, well done! Not a bad band at al either! Nice to see the brother ship between bands, like posing together on the band picture. Both bands sound different and that is always a big plus on a split. Definitely worth a try when interested in the genre! http://www.myspace.com/mercenarycockroach

Metal Rage

Two grindcore acts from Croatia releasing a split CD on Endless Brutality Of Men Records , that I gotta check out. One of them, Bolesno Grinje , has already been reviewed by me when I received their last full length; Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda . The other one; Mercenary Cockroach is a relatively new band. Let's see what kind of noise hails from this small country.

Well, that this is grindcore is quite easy to notice. The Napalm Death influences are literally dripping from this entire split CD, so that means both bands. The only real difference between the bands is that Mercenary Cockroach sounds a bit faster and more aggressive than Bolesno Grinje , and that Bolesno Grinje grooves a bit more than Mercenary Cockroach . Both bands have written nine songs for this record. It is nice to hear two different bands on this disc, because when you're halfway through the disc and you slowly begin to lose attention, a new and refreshing sound kicks you in the face. Lovely grindcore indeed.

This is bound to please any visitor of the Obscene Extreme festival. I can't see why die hard grindcore fans wouldn't like these two acts, and therefore I urge them to go and check this disc out if you can find it.

Live 4 Metal

One day, I'll be surprised by a release by the good folks at Endless Brutality of Men, but this ain't going to be one them. This split cd brings together two crust/grind bands from Croatia. And as they've posed together in the middle of the booklet for a joint photo, they are two bands that know each other well.

First up are Bolesno Grinje, who fire down 9 tracks of dirty, under produced grind, with a hardcore, punk feel to it. While I'm digging the music, I'm not a huge fan of the vocals, which I didn't realise where in English until I read the lyrics on the inlay. Easy to decipher they are not. Best song of their half, is the manic Nema Me (Pojeo Sam Se), which translates as, I'm Gone (I Ate Myself), which hurtles along at breakneck speed and signals the beginning of a furious finale for Bolesno Grinje.

If you thought the sound was harsh for the first nine songs, then Mercenary Cockroach mange to sound even rougher than their friends from Karlo Rojc. But hey, they have guitar solos. To be fair, this needs a much better production to fully appreciate their racket. It sounds as if they are trying to fight their way out of a padded cell and while the drums could sound awesome, they don't kill like they should. This is ferocious shit, but it suffers from the crap production. I'd like to hears these guys under better circumstances, because this still kicks ass.
Anyway, 2 bands, 18 songs, 35 minutes, job done.

Vomit the Soul
After 3 excellent albums, BOLESNO GRINJE is back with a split CD shared with MERCENARY COCKROACH. Let's start with BOLESNO GRINJE! 9 new tracks, still in Croatian, of powerful Grind Core Crust full of energy! Actually these 9 tracks are the perfect continuation of their last album “Nitko Nas Ne Vidi... Ali Mi Ipak Postojimo”! Grind Core in the TERRORIZER / NAPALM DEATH vein with Crusty DISCHARGE parts. Modern sonorities can sometimes remind of bands like MASTODON, with very good instrumental ideas, but don't worry, BOLESNO GRINJE is violence and energy during all the 9 tracks! Very good sound production for 9 well inspired tracks, BOLESNO GRINJE rules! Then, comes MERCENARY COCKROACH is the second half of this release, playing 9 tracks too, 9 Grind Core tracks, and also comes from Croatia. Indeed MERCENARY COCKROACH is a rather young band, and this split CD is their first release after their first and only demo released in 2006. Well, 9 tracks of Grind Core, also heavily influenced by NAPALM DEATH, but sounding a bit different from BOLESNO GRINJE. It sounds more straight forward, more brutal, but also more classical than BOLESNO GRINJE. Some nice guitar solos are included here and there and it's a very good idea, as most of the current Grind Core bands don't play solos in their song. The sound production is not so good, a bit too raw, but I'd say it's ok for me. Enjoyable second half for this split CD, I hope to hear from MERCENARY COCKROACH soon! And of course from BOLESNO GRINJE too! I'm waiting for their 4th full length! Killer band, and for now, very good split CD!! BUY OR DIE!!!
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BOLESNO GRINJE - odmor 2 metra pod zemljom MERCENARY COCKROACH - Capitalist Values