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Title: Pobjeda Je Nasa
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2005
Price: $10.00 USD

Recorded in 2002, finally we are able to bring justice to this slab of Brutality.
The debut release of Croatian Machine: BOLESNO GRINJE .

Grindcore Assault from a land known for offering some of the most extreme underground acts ever.

Now the turn is for BOLESNO GRINJE , an unleashed beast eager to show the underground world all of its fierce intensity and devastating Hi-Tech hyperspeed sound .
Powerful & solid production, bombastic drums, blasting guitars, Terrorizer-like screamings. Unstoppable riffs & sonical violence from the beginning/openning track.

Although the Terrorizer and Repulsion influencies are present here, BOLESNO GRINJE has reached a well defined own style that can easily difference the band from others. Grindcore true to the original roots !!! "Pobjeda je Nasa " will set BOLESNO GRINJE as one of the best Grindcore acts of today's underground scene. Beware, this will kick some serious asses out there !!!

> Track List
1. introdukcija 10.# 13
2. ne 11. generacija zajeb
3. bolesno grinje 12. p.s.a.m.b.k.z.s.
4. nema povratka 13. vjesanje br 176
5. depresija 14. mrtav/pijan
6. osuden na tapiju 15. gledam u prazno
7. alarm 16. trovanje
8. noz u leda 17. instrumental
9. jebem ti posao 18. i to je kraj
> Sound Sample


> Reviews
Live4Metal Webzine
From the beginning of ‘Pobjeda Je Nasa' I was in my element! Even if it isn't really that unique or inventive, there is something about crust and grindcore that when played with this much raw intensity you feel a sense of relief. The sound is far from prefect, but this is the very reason that Bolesno Grinje and ‘Pobjeda Je Nasa' is spot on. Political crust played note prefect and produced like it was an Arch Enemy album… fuck right off! This is a statement not a carnival and Bolesno Grinje like it or not are ramming it right down your throat. And you can choke on it- if you must! This is how you vent your anger, by making sure the music that's produced is as torrid and bloody-minded as the discontented  diatribes that are spat out over it. If I said this band were vicious I would also have to say that this is an understated depiction of these incredibly pissed off Croatians? 41 minutes and 17 tracks of governmental control, poisonous misinformation, environmental degradation, societal subjugation, oppression and depression, it sounds like the basic outline of America's (not forgetting the 51st state- England) ‘capitalist' agenda! These topics are all handled by Bolesno Grinje on this their debut full length. They are all common rants that have been tackled over and over again. Why? Because unfortunately they have to be tackled over and over again, and a crusting grindcore act is the way to go! Some of the lyrics may have been lost in translation but the impending disaster and urgency of it all is still very apparent. This particular scene may have changed a lot with more inventive acts such as Cephalic Carnage and Pig Destroyer shaping a drastically reformed image of Grindcore, by plying it together with other areas of metal. But Bolesno Grinje are keeping it close to the older encrusted offering of Cripple Bastards, Dudman, Grossmember and of course Napalm Death (any era ND because these gits just keep delivering the goods!). Raw and uncompromised, hard and very grim, you can not deny the anxious poignancy of songs like ‘Stabbed in the Back' and ‘Generation Fucked Up'. I have for a long time been particularly wrapped up by all the great crust and grind that comes from the colder eastern part of Europe. The likes of Poland and the Czech Republic have given me some of my favourite bands and is with out doubt one of the most productive parts of the world when it comes to grindcore in the fundamental essence of the word. Bolesno Grinje is another band from this neck of the woods that I personally will be following closely. They are simply too obnoxious to ignore, this is the way it should be- perfectly extreme in all the right ways!
Braindead - The Goregrind and Grindcore Webzine
It took me a while to find where this band was from... So anyway, I'm pretty sure they're croatian and they play some pretty nasty, raw-as-fuck, straightforward grind. Their sound is completely dirty, abrasive, distorted and with a definite live feel... Musically they're extremely energetic, totally focused on speed and intensity... Tons of crusty d-beat drumming but a healthy share of grindy blastbeat outbursts from time to time as well... Vocals are mostly roaring, angry growls with sometimes slightly more shrieking backing vox. Guitar riffing is pretty aggressive, sometimes with too much of a melodic line for my taste but this stuff has an excellent violent crust-grindcore vibe going for it, the band went insane with the distortion effects here too, this stuff sounds pretty fucking noisy, personally I like it but this might not be for everyone! You can still hear the bass pretty well in the mix too, and yeah, it's distorted as fuck too! If you love old school raw grind/crust like Extreme Noise Terror, Cripple Bastards, this is the band for you!
Attack Fanzine
This record was done in 2002 but for some reason it got delayed until 2005 before it saw the light of day. And I think those who have been waiting all this time will be pleased. This Croatian unit of four uses forty-one minutes and eighteen tracks to beat the shit out of their instruments and possibly each other as well with some raging fast grindcore insanity. The heavy saw-through-bone guitars are working well with the sharp drums and the low, but not too growled vocals. And if you're even remotely familiar with grindcore you should be well aware of the fact that Eastern Europe has a lot of it to offer - and a lot of it with quality. Bolesno Grinje is yet another band in that crowd. References would be Repulsion and Terrorizer, but still with a sound of their own.[Krogh, January 2006].
Rise and Subvert Webzine
This is the debut-release from the croatian band Bolesno Grinje. This CD is a mix of fast and raw hardcore punk and blistering grindcore, all done with a great result. I really like the brutality and the power that caracterize Bolesno Grinje and this record will put them on the map of great grind-acts for sure. The dual roaring and manic desperate vocals completes eachother perfectly and makes this the dark and heavy grind-assault it is. They blast through 18 tracks in 41 minutes. This is an even release which can be a little boring in the long run since there's no track that stands out from the rest. It tend to just melt into one long tribute to bands like Repulsion and Terrorizer. Their own sound doesn't really comes through as much as I would have wanted but you can catch a glimpse of it every now and then and it is at those moments this record speaks to me. I would like to hear more of that on their future releases. I'm not saying that this is a poor release though cause it still kicks my ass and from time to time but too often I loose focus. Bolesno Grinje have released a new full-length on EBM Records now so you should check that out too while you are at it. Sonny (may 18th 2006)
Nuclear Abominations
I am not 100% sure about the release date of this album, but it says it was recorded in April 2002, hence I guess it was released the same year. That makes it three years older than “Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda”. The music is however not extremely different. We still have fairly political oriented grindcore with rough, drunk vocals a la Extreme Noise Terror/Concrete Sox/Nausea etc., groovy riffs, and a couple of close up pictures of fleas on the booklet. This time the cover looks even more deluxe with the use of this gold pantone color, I like the way it turned out. The lyrics are not extremely readable but that's part of the design that wants them on the same line. I can just repeat my appreciation like I did for the other album: this music has the constant crusty swing which is fundamental for fun-enjoying grind, this must be excellent to see on stage. There are some attempts at using dissonant vibes which have been dropped on the newer stuff, but they were really not fundamental. The overall sound seems even a bit fatter here, with some added bass distortion and a strong metallic bass backbone. We're far from minimalist though, the sound is clear and the guitar riffs diverse, more oriented towards the pure mosh. Hmm. Not much to add, get this if you liked the other one, can't say much more. This is good honest groovy grind.
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