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Title: No Way Out
Format: CD
Release Date: 1/Oct/2010
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 4th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

EBM records is more than proud to announce the release for the American Continent of one of the most amazing Thrash Metal units coming from the current Italian Thrash Metal Scene: BOTHERS .

"No Way Out" is the band debut ful lenght and offers 10 tracks of the most Classic Thrash Metal sound. So, all those American Metal Heads who have been asking for this gem will finally be able to get it at a more accesible price.

This version includes 2 live tracks as bonuses and comes in a deluxe glossy cover for the booklet

> Track List
1. Massacre 6. Disorder World
2. Slave to Soul 7. Kill for Insanity
3. The Evil's Face 8. Alone as Death
4. Hateful Revenge 9. Last Day on Earth
5. Psycho Bitch 10. Massacre/Slave to Soul (Live) *
  * bonus track taken from Last day at Destroy
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> Reviews
Global Thrash Assault

Let's talk about the band Bothers shall we? This four piece thrash band was formed in 2003 and are part of one of my favorite and fastest growing thrash metal scenes today, of course I'm talking about the Italian thrash scene! After a few years plagued with line-up changes and other problems the band finally established a line-up and in 2009 all the hard work and dedication finally paid off,  Bothers released their debut album "No Way Out" in through the mighty EBM Records . Immediately following the release the band went on to play a ton of great shows in northern Italy supporting Raw Power and Exumer to name a few and as a result the band has gone on to win the hearts of fans throughout the world.

If you like thrash and you don't own a copy of No Way Out then you're missing out, big time. This is an album you definitely need to have in your collection.Through out the release there is a clear Bay Area influence however No Way Out isn't just some carbon copy, there are in fact a ton of modern day influences which make this album original and highly enjoyable. Throughout the release Bothers will have you banging your head, screaming until you lose your voice and just thrashing like a mad man in general. The entire album is packed with aggressive as hell tracks featuring a high caliber of musicianship which any fan of extreme music should be able to appreciate. If you're a thrasher and you don't enjoy the tracks "Hateful Revenge" "Disorder World" and "Slave To Soul" then you have banged your head entirely to hard in the past and the massive brain damaged you have sustained as a result is affecting your judgement. The killer solos, harsh vocals, thunderous drumming and downright killer riffs on these tracks (and the whole album in fact) are so enjoyable even a deaf person will throw up the horns in approval! Making No Way Out even more enjoyable is the high quality of production which really allows the listener to hear every thrashing minute of this album. Trust me when I say you NEED to get yourself a copy of Bothers debut album, it simply won't disappoint!

If you enjoy (or enjoyed) No Way Out then you'll be happy to know that Bothers are planning on recording a full length album very soon. Just last year the band released a brand new demo entitled "Snacks-Bag Demo" to hold their hungry fans over. Snacks-Bag  is made up of three very promising tracks which will have you banging your head and drooling uncontrollably in no time! Although it appears the band has changed up their vocal style they simply haven't lost their aggression and if the future Bothers release is anything like this demo fans are in for a real treat!

OVERALL: 90/100

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