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Title: Ataque Terrorrista
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2006
Price: $10.00 USD

Killer band based in Brazil, Rough d-beat crustcore with metal sound, mix of classic scandinavian schoold and english crust/metal bands of eighties. CD contains 12 songs played with absolute exactness and easiness with bulldozer sound from Professional Sound studio.

Without doubt one of the most expecting Releases of the current Latinoamerican Scene. Their debut release !!!

> Track List
1. Passaros de Guerra 7. p.q.d.
2. Ataque Terrorista 8. Zona de Guerra
3. Comando Caveira 9. Jovenes Soldados
4. Cruz Vermelha 10. Forca de Paz
5. f.e.b. 11. Faca na Caveira
6. Fogo Cruzado 12. Faixa de Gaza
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Rise and Subvert Webzine

Bands from south america have always fascinated me and Comando Caveira is not an exception. With their debut release they have managed to mix metal, with scandinavian hardcore and classic US hardcore with a fairly good result. This debut contains 12 songs with 3 of them being bonustracks. I have no clue why they are called bonustracks though, it seems kind of pointless. The sound on this release is sometimes too clean to bring out the raw punk elements but on the other hand it's a very heavy sound which conributes to a more metalic sound. I just wish there could be a little of both sides. It's still straight to the point and pissed off so I shouldn't complain. I can't make much out of the lyrics though since they're all in portuguese with no translation or any words about the songs in english. All and all a solid debut from this Brazilian band. Sonny (september 5th 2006)

Lords of Metal

And now a CD from a Brazilian threesome that plays d-beat/crustcore with the additional metal influences. Overall this really does sound like a terrorist attack.

A raw sound that is also brutal and mean. These gentlemen sure know how to handle their instruments and the lyrics will be in-depth without a doubt. Unfortunately it also sounds a bit according to the big book of rules and therefore a tad predictable. Quality-wise this band offers enough to justify buying their CD but on the other hand there are a lot of bands out there that offer the same quality. Fans of the genre know where to buy this and interested people would give this a listen.

In my hands is a great surprise from Rio de Janeiro. Formed in 2004, the band Comando Caveira, presents us with its debut called Ataque Terrorista , released via Endless Brutality Of Men. This power trio is formed by Leo (bass/vocal), Fabio (drums/vocal) and Alex (guitar/vocal). In about thirty minutes distributed in twelve tracks, Comando Caveira plays the purest old school Crust Core, with very strong and simple riffs, and killing drums. The holocaust begins with Pássaros De Guerra , followed by Ataque Terrorista s(ame title of the album), Comando Caveira, Cruz Vermelha, F.E.B (a homage to the Brazilian Expeditionary Force of WWII), Fogo Cruzado, P.Q.D, Zona De Guerra, Jovens Soldados, Força De Paz, Faca na Caveira and Faixa De Gaza . This one is a very good album, made for Hard Core, Punk and Metal fans. A great work that deserves note and that has been already released by an international label. That's Brazil showing its power.
Metal Storm
Although Ataque Terrorista is a full-length studio album it does sound live which is not surprising since it was recorded live in the studio. Some people will whine that it doesn't sound as good as it could but to me recording music like this live in the studio only adds to its power. Music such as this is meant to be experienced live and not produced to death.
So musically it isn't as violent as Degenerhate but still as core as can be. No, not what people nowadays tend to call core. I am talking politically influenced crustcore which could be found in England and Scandinavia in the eighties early nineties, though this isn't 100% pure crustcore due to its metal influences (I even hear a bit of Kill 'em All Metallica in Faca Na Caveira I think). At times reminiscent of early Ratos De Porão. In the tradition of all old school core bands the album clocks just under 30 minutes. In which time 12 songs have been fired tright between your eyes.
Somehow I get the feeling that Ataque Terrorista would be the perfect fitting soundtrack to the Brazilian police force's war on drugs in the slums of Rio. Firing at will and taking no prisoners and not caring about killing innocent by-standers. That's how this debut full-length comes across, somehow seemingly lacking direction and focus but don't be fooled since this lack of direction and focus works extremely well. Grabbing you by the throat and not letting go while being pummeled through your room. Unfortunately, due to my lack of grasp of the Portuguese langugae, I have no clue what they are songing about, okay, I can make out words such as terrorist attack, warzone, but that's about it. Usually with bands such as Comando Caveira they do want to bring a message across. But all in all the music is enjoyable enough to still thrash out on this.
No real stand-out tracks since they are all of high quality. But one that somehow keeps on nestling in my head is P.Q.D., maybe due to its slower groove and almost melancholic sound
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