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Title: The End Has Just Begun
Format: MCD
Release Date: 15/abr/2006
Price: $6.00 USD

With members in Extreme Music scene since 1989 and playing in such underground acts such as FLEGIAS, CHAOTIC VIOLENCE, DESECRATION (a.k.a. D-FORM) and CORPSEFUCKINGART . The new Italian Monster DEGENERHATE come to life in 2002.

This MCD is their debut release and is a journey through sonic terrorism of Total HyperBlastingGrindingHateCore !

> Track List
1. Uniforms of Brutality 4. Our Tears
2. Zombified by Propaganda 5. Failure of God
3. From Cradle to Grave 6. Day of Doom
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Vomit the Soul webzine

With this debut MCD, DEGENERHATE unleahes 6 tracks of massive Grind in the vein of the greatest bands from the beginning of the 90's! So, DEGENERHATE is as powerful as bands like TERRORIZER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR or NAPALM DEATH were at that time!! Grinding, crushing and blasting as fuck!! 6 tracks for 10 minuts, it's a bit short, but fuck it's rather intense, and a full length release would be really a massive Grind piece in your face!!! Musically, it would be a mistake to tell DEGENERHATE is only playing Grind Core in the TERRORIZER vein, as we can also find some more Death touches with good technical parts, that can sometimes remind of early SUFFOCATION and the likes. But the whole mood is really into the great Grind Core, with Crust and Punk touches of course, and you just have to have a look at the cover artwork to understand how DEGENERHATE is a raging band!!! Very great first release!! Let's hope for a first album very soon!!!

Attack Fanzine

Six tracks in ten minutes of dark and guttural Italian grindcore. In my world there are mainly two types of grindcore bands - the ones I like, and the ones I don't like. I am yet to figure out why I like some over others, as it doesn't really seem to be a pattern. While I love a band like Nasum for their variety and more or less complex structures I also love other bands because the lack that very thing. Some bands can be straight up, extremely basic, very metallic grindcore and I love them, and then there can the ones that are pretty much the exact same thing and I hate it. There is a very thin line in there somewhere and, as I said, I'm yet to find it. What I do know for sure though is that more often than not I'm unimpressed by bands in the genre.

Degenerhate though are found on the positive side of that secret line and I like what I hear. Maybe it's because they explode for ten minutes and then it's over, maybe because they don't fuck around and lower the tempo (except in the track "Failure of God"), or maybe I'm just in the right mood today. Whatever reason there may be behind it this thundering grind band, complete with the mandatory growling vocals and thrash-metallic short guitar solos, came to suit my taste. [Krogh, July 2006]

Nuclear Abominations
The cover art on this album follows the art concept of many punk/crust bands, or the first Brutal Truth/Terrorizer album if you wish. It is a collage of human atrocities with a nazi flag, nuclear explosions, the picture of George W Bush, factories adorned in thick clouds of noxious fumes etc. The lyrics also follow this concept of denounce towards the lying system, so we can say here we are a bit back to the roots of the genre, when death and grind were still less defined. I am also 100% I remember the name of Max Varani (the singer) from some demo or 7” I got many years ago, the guys don't look like kids, it's possible this is a rather old band or at least that some of the members are not new to this scene. The music too, isn't well defined either, it sounds like fast Death Metal with some short blasts and a guttural gowl that reminds me a bit of Frank Mullen in “Breeding the Spawn” (same recording quality too ah!). The music also is brutal for sure but not sounding modern at all: the riffs are simple and straight, very fast with some bridges accented by a battering almost tribal drumming. Memories of older cross-90's bands abound here, maybe Prophecy of Doom among the others, but not just that one. There are also some solos and slower grinding parts, but the feeling you get is more of minimalist, grievous core bands like Man is the Bastard than some sad English metal. All in all this is nicely stripped of superfluous melodies and has a good hold in old school grind/metal. 100% Metal but with a totally grind approach and mentality. Interesting. Something better could have been achieved with the cover, the pictures are totally asymmetric and the shading effects are a bit too clear, and a 10 minute running time make me think this is just a demo and not a full or an Ep, but other than that it's cool to hear abdns like this exist in my country. Go filth go!
Antichrist zine
Recently Italy pleases and pleases with new and qualitative collectives. DEGENERHATE - not exception in this plan. I do not know, how long there is this collective, know only, that the given material - the first-born. It also has turned out noteworthy! Our visitors powerful death \grind, densely involved on brutal play metal massacre! Music fast, powerful, brutal, grasping and severe. Pressing all alive on the way brutality is replaced by madwomen, sick solos. Songs are short (6 songs for 10 minutes of sounding), but remembered and clinging. Powerful guitar reeves, good growl-vox, excellent work of the drummer (the sound of drums, by the way, on a sound, has reminded me " Chronic... " Mexican DOISGORGE). As music often wakens memoirs about MORBID ANGEL, sometimes even CANNIBAL CORPSE... Qualitative, moderately technical a piece of meat, that here still will tell... unless, still time to remind, that this BEGINNING only!!!
Disembowel, label & webzine
This Italian Serves up another dish style of extreme hate grindcore with 'The End has Just Begun' as with most grindcore, songs range from less than one minute to no more than two with each containing machinegun styled drums, sizzling guitar, crunchy and sometime with melody again only to strengthens the compositions, a hyper active bass and spewing vocals brings a variety of material. The songs are short and direct. It definitely helps keeping the intensity and energy in the music. That's probably also the reason why the music once in a while reminds me to Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Extreme Noise Terror. this MCD containing 6 tracks to driving on the highway of grindcore and I think that's not enough for me. Degenerhate are able to move in many directions open to basic hatecore metal extremity, so hopefully this record will reach a broader audience soon 'cause the band deserve it.
Though the musicians in Italy's Degenerhate have been involved in the scene for years, formerly associated with the likes of Chaotic Violence , Corpsefucking Art , Desecration , and Flegias to be exact, they're a relatively new outfit as they came together in '02. Aside from being in the market for a name alteration – just spell it Degenerate , okay guys? – The End Has Just Begun is a promising grindcore debut for veterans who admire stalwarts such as Disrupt , Napalm Death , Terrorizer , Carcass , and others.

Unlike, say, Napalm Death – who jump on nearly every opportunity to gallop at full speed – Degenerhate switch back and forth between blistering, rapid-fire assaults and laidback, mid-paced offensives. Whereas the first of six tracks, namely “Uniforms of Brutality,” gets straight to the point with blasting, it intermittently slows before returning to dissonance, which is then enhanced with a high-pitched guitar solo. In the spirit of true grindcore, songs like “Zombified by Propaganda,” “From Cradle to Grave,” and “Day of Doom” are brief and are also littered with unintelligible growls undoubtedly thrust from the gut. Still, when Degenerhate pull on the reins even more – occasionally heard in “Our Tears” and “Failure of God” – the grind becomes covered in sludge and muck, which makes for a nice contrast. One must not overlook the opinion that this record is surprisingly well-produced for its style and presumable budget. It's just a pity that The End Has Just Begun (an awkwardly-phrased title, by the way) wastes so much time with grating, run-of-the-mill soundclips. The intro and outro – music from a child's toy – definitely deserve the ax.

On the whole, however, this quartet have their act together, and the fact that they shy away from sticking to one particular tempo results in a more interesting and entertaining release. While TEHJB is an MCD, I anticipate the full-length where, hopefully, they'll offer more material, ditch the soundclips, and above all flesh out their ideas more fully.
Live 4 Metal
The End Has Just begun is an action-packed little offering of ten and a half minutes of Italian death/grind. It opens with a delightful little music-box playing a really irritating little tune, and then becomes uncompromisingly brutal. In many ways, this is very reminiscent of the type of thing that was all the rage about five to ten years ago, produced by numerous bands. There are the usual samples as intros to various tracks, the typically short (sub 3 minute – after all how else can you get six tracks into ten minutes?) tracks, and the brutal growled vocals. I would compare this to a very rough version of Desecration, but without the references to corpses and/or body parts. In fact, that is probably the most interesting aspect of this CD - the lyrical content (ok I'm only going on the printed lyrics as, obviously, the vocal style makes it pretty impossible to distinguish anything so mundane as actual words!). These guys are clearly extremely angry at the system and are pretty articulate at expressing their anger. Their manifesto is clearly and brutally laid out: “Uniforms of Brutality”, “Zombified by Propaganda” and “Failure of God” definitely give you a major insight into their thinking. The first track showcases the drummer, Cristiano Rotatori, with a frantic display of blastbeats, but after that things calm down slightly (this being a relative term, you understand). Gianluca Lucarini clearly fancies himself as a guitarist, and there is obviously some merit in his opinion of himself, as there are some rather nicely-mixed guitars soaring away in places. Unfortunately, the music isn't particularly inspiring, reminding me as it does of so many others in the death/grind field. All in all, this could be the beginning of something new, or more likely, the last bastion of something old. As the outro (that bloody music-box again) plays, I'm left feeling quite relieved that this wasn't longer.
VS webzine
Three days I had a Fraggle Rock' song in my head. It's funny stuff for five minutes but longer, it becomes really boring. But this Ep managed to clean my brain. And I have to say these Italian guys deliver fuckin' killing grind/death !!! Degenerhate's music can be resumed to « pure » grindcore. With influences like Terrorizer, Napalm Death and Blockheads. With a good brutal death metal dose along this ten minutes recording. « The End Has Just Begun » six songs won't enjoy only old school grindcore fans but also Dying Fetus or Suffocation and generally brutal death fans. This crossover between grindcore's histery with a little punk taste (thinking to E.N.T.) and DM's brutality without mercy is totally addictive. If you're one of them, you must love Degenerhate. Each riff, each blast, each track will kill and smash you ! Nothing to throw away ! To my eyes, it's a masterpiece. Moreover, you can feel the famous DIY spirit like oldschool bands. But nostalgy isn't evrything. Degenerhate's music is aggresiv, wild and without compromise. Mix between grunts and screams is absolutely perfect . We can only regret how it sounds. Fans of Suffocation's « Human waste » will appreciate and remember lots of things but…it could have been a little bit better. Degenerhate released a really promissing Ep, we just wait for their full length, something fantastic without a doubt.
Metal Storm
The cover artwork by Luigi Colasanti Antonelli immediately typifies the music about to assault your ears: Unrelenting grinding hatecore of the uncompromising type. Just six songs in ten and a half minutes in total on this mcd, all in the vein of old Napalm Death, old Terrorizer, Concrete Sox and Extreme Noise Terror.
This mini-album breathes old school grindcore all the way, like the band describes in their bio: This album is a journey through sonic terrorism, with technical touches and sociopolitical lyrics.
Eyebrows are raised when putting this disc into my cd-player. Huh, wasn't this supposed to be a grindcore mini-cd? Why the hell do I hear a little kid's wind-up toy tinkle its merry tones? And then it just sucker punches me out of the blue. Damn, the first couple of bars of Uniforms Of Brutality violently bludgeon me into total submission. This violence continues through the first five tracks only to totally finish me off with the suffocating tones of closer Day Of Doom. Was I already down and out by the end of Failure Of God, Day Of Doom just covers me slowly like lava flowing freely out of the Etna. Were the first five tracks just hugh speed aural assaults competing who will reach the finish first Day Of Doom shifts a couple of gears back to strangle the last breath of air out of you slowly and doomsday has indeed come upon the listener.
Hell, these ten minutes and 32 seconds felt like going fifteen rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. But being the sucker for punishment I am known to be I immediately go back to it. And again and again, that's how addictive this sonic terrorism is. I wonder how Degenerhate is live? With bands such as these their live shows are usually even more violent than the music on record. Back in the early eighties bands such as Degenerhate used to play in squats all over Holland but unfortunately nowadays that isn't as coming any more. Although I was politically usually not on the same wavelength as the extreme left which made up the largest number of squatters musically and for sheer friendly violent fun I do miss those kind of concerts and do it yourself etiquette in a money grabbing society where everything is over-regulated by the government.
Like stated in Zombified By Propaganda:
bullshit lies is what you preach
bullshit lies is what you teach
bullshit lies on tthe tv screen
bullshit lies is what you need
are you trying to control me?
are you trying to trick me?
are you trying to scare me?
are you trying to illude me?
corporations take control
television takes control
bullshit propaganda
crucify our souls

fuck off, flattering asshole
fuck off, mister money maker

This one also goes out to Al Gore and all the artists involved with Live Earth. The environment wasn't on their mind, nope, they were all using Saturday 07-07-07 as a huge advertisement for their own gain. Call me cynical, hell yeah, I am.

Back to Degenerhate, if you want some great violent TotalHyperBlastingGrindingHatecore (their own genre descriprion) then be sure to check out The End Has Just Begun.

Stand-out tracks are: Failure Of God, and Day Of Doom.
This MCD contains 6 short lessons on how to play old-school grindcore nowadays. The Italian quartet – Max Varani (vocals), Gianluca Lucarini (guitars & screaming), Fabio Fraschini (bass) and Cristiano Rotatori (drums) – doesn't open new doors for this style at all, on the contrary it's like a journey back in time, to be precise you have to travel back to late 80s yet early 90s when such great bands as NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, FEAR OF GOD, REPULSION, DOOM or DISRUPT to name just a few reigned. The sound of the MCD is fair and the mood as one can expect is old-school to the core. Here and there you can bump into some obscure Death Metal influences too, but everything should be taken as old-school in the case of DEGENERHATE. The guys feel pretty right the atmosphere of the past thus the musical disappointment is out of the question. You will experience 11 minutes of pure nostalgic grindcore filled by the appropriate sociopolitical lyrics. I can only recommend this blasting piece of grinding brutality to all the death/grind freaks worldwide as well as to the fans of the above mentioned bands. You'll definitely like this MCD and as a conclusion I eagerly waiting its continuation in a form of a full-length release!
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