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Title: No Hay Libertad sin Desobediencia
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2004
Price: $12.00 USD

The most important and influential Mexican HC/Punk release since Classic MASSACRE 68 debut LP. This is the CD version of the now Out of Print and very Sought After Desobediencia Civil debut LP. Raw, fast & angry Anarko/HC paired with male & female vocals.

Already a classic in Mexican HC/Punk scene and soon to be a classic worldwide!!

> Track List
1. odio eterno 10. enemigos de dios
2. pres@s 11. nuestro sentir
3. padres y patriarcas 12. un bello desorden
4. abajo el trabajo 13. PESTE neonazi
5. desobediencia civil 14. sangre de inocentes
6. soldadito de plomo 15. komete a los ricos
7. anarko punks 16. paremos el exterminio
8. no mas llanto 17. slave to convention
9. tod@s l@s rebeldes 18. lucha sin final
> Sound Sample


> Reviews

After a brief intro this Mexican act launches into 18 tracks of classically formatted anarcho punk with dual male/female vocals and straightforward songs. Expect driving chord progressions, lots of doubled vocal yells/screams and tradeoffs, tempo changes between midpaced and relatively fast rhythms, etc. Is it generic? Yeah, it really is. It basically sounds identical to what you'd expect from this general style. There's not much variety and nothing really separates them from the rest of the genre. Sure, Spanish vocals are awesome and make for some ripping fast vocal patterns at times, but other bands sing in Spanish too, so… But, hey, this is a good record, so it's not a big deal. If I had to complain about anything I'd say it's too long, as 40+ minutes of basically the same thing wears a little thin, but… not a real problem. I'm honestly more bothered by the fact that pretty much every song begins with a sample, which both wastes time and messes with the continuity of the CD. "Anarko Punk's" is a little slower and longer than the other tracks, "Enemigas de Dios" is harder hitting and gets slightly more metallic in brief spurts, "Paremos el Exterminio" is another slower and slightly chunkier piece that ends up changing up with some borderline girnd speeds, and of course "Slave to Convention" is a Doom cover. That about covers it. I do like their sound here. It's definitely thick and a little rugged, but it really works, as the mix is pretty even and you can hear everything that's going on. There are no big gaps in the mix and it's not so dirty or raw that things sound sloppy or overly lo-fi all. Sometimes the female vocals get a little loud and overpowering, but that's about it as far as problematic inconsistencies go. The layout's a little jumbled with some typical black and white crust punk styled imagery and a collage of photos and flyers and such, with tons and tons of text all over the place that clutters it up a lot. The lyrics are all in Spanish, so I can't offer much insight there, but based on the imagery and style of the aesthetics here I'm gonna guess it's pretty typical socio-political material. All in all this isn't bad, it's just very one-sided and meets the usual fare of the genre. I don't mind that, but in such cases I'd really prefer something with a little more power to the writing to make it truly worthwhile. This is cool, though. I could definitely see fans of the genre digging this.

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