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Title: Discography
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2004
Price: $12.00 USD

The complete discography of this brutal Grind/Crust band from Mexico. Strongly influenced by E.N.T ., Doom & Disrupt ; this release marks the Band's testament and give it a "Cult Status" .

The CD includes tracks from the DISCORDIA/CHUY POLUCA split CD, 9 new and previously unreleased songs, the " Deteriorarse " demo and Live tracks recorded during their 1999 USA tour !!

> Track List
1.contagio 16. causa o conviccion
2. life in chains 17. nuestra opinion
3. segregacion 18. el hambre incluca
4. aberracion 19. otra vision
5. I.R.A. 20.deteriorarse
6. manipulado 21. ineleccion
7. nace, sufre, muere 22. discordia
8. seguimos de pie 23. rupudio, odio, tracion
9. contracultura=contradiccion 24. supremo
10. dogmatizacion 25. sugestionados
11. ignorar 26. supremo
12. atake terrorista 27. contagio
13. evacuacion 28. degradante
14. mucho uso de odio 29. life in chains
15. loko track
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> Reviews
BRAINDEAD - the goregrind & grindcore webzine
Nice Crust/Grind from Mexico... This cd is actually a discography cd, and it's filled to the brim with some 29 tracks... It's all quite well played, intense and aggressive stuff, tight crust-hardcore drumming, typical raw guitar riffs (in the vein of old Extreme Noise Terror) with a whole bunch of thrashing parts thrown in too, rhythms can also get pretty fast and grinding on occasion. The vocals are low roaring growls (kind of a mix of old Discharge and Sepultura era "Bestial Devastation")... Obviously sound is not perfect, but it's clear and sufficiently heavy for me, I think the catchy drumming is what comes across best... Bands like Doom or Disrupt are the most obvious influences here... Maybe I can drop other names some Rot & Ratos de Porao too. Cd layout and packaging is pretty generic but still contains lyrics and stuff
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