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> Biography

Old School Thrash Metal band formed at 1997 on Contagem city, with proposal of making a speed, hard, aggressive e good-jobbed sound. Influenced mainly by 80's Heavy/Thrash metal, the band tries to follow and faithfully fulfill this part of metal scene.

Dunkell Reiter, that had another formation before, today have with the following members:

Rafael (Rider of Hell) - Speedevil Guitars

Rivelly (Assassin) - Chainsaw Guitars and Screams

Roberto (Otrebor) - Nuclear Bass

Elias (Bestial Invasion) - War Drums   

At 1998, Dunkell Reiter recorded its first disc – “Just for die”, containing 4 songs. In the same year the band opened Mercyful Fate in Belo Horizonte City.

At 2007, after a long idle period, Dunkell Reiter returns to scene with the same energy, realizing various shows in Belo Horizonte city region and at 2008 started the process of record of its first EP (independent), intituled “Death and pain”, launched in early 2009 , which contained six songs of pure thrash metal and had a great impact on national and international scene.

At 2011, the band went on a compilation album, Unholy Thrashing Savage, distributed mostly in Malaysia and much of Europe and Asia with three other bands of thrash metal: Revenge (Greece), Omission (Spain), Storming Steels (Malaysia).

Also at 2011 the Dunkell Reiter released a new EP, "Resident From Evil" with four new songs and three live tracks recorded at a festival in BH, which gathered the great names of Brazilian metal.

Currently, the band is in the studio writing songs for their first Debut , which is expected to launch later this year.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Just for Die EP   1998
Death and Pain EP   2008
Unhonly Thrashing savage v/a CD   2011
Resident from Evil EP   2011
> Line-up
Vocals/Guitars: Rivelly (Assassin)
Guitar: Rafael (Rider of Hell)
Bass: Roberto (Otrebor)
Drums: Elias (Bestial Invasion)
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