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> Biography

EXEKUTER were formed in the late 2008 by Mekras and Mallidis, following the split up of Obsessed. After some line up changes, with Michalios Sismanis and Niki Papadimitriou in the guitars, the band self-released the mini-LP ''Given To The Altar'' in 2011. The following years found Exekuter less active, with many line up changes, but still composing new stuff. In the late 2013, Papadimitriou left the band and was replaced by Thodoris Grigoriou, with whom the band played in various past projects. With this line up the band traveled in Livadia to enter Infected Studios in March 2014, for the recording of their second album. The long awaited and difficult task(if someone thinks about the fact that the four members live in four different cities!) of recording the second album came finally true.''The Obscene Ones'' is a tribute to the whole thrash/death metal movement. Prepare yourself for obscenity.

> Discography
Album Label Year
The Obscene Ones EBM 2016
Given to the Altar Self-released 2011
> Line-up
Vocals/Bass: Tolis Mekras
Guitar: Michalios Sismanis
Guitar: Thodoris Grigoriou
Drums: Antoine Mallidis
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