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Title: Tragedy
Format: CD
Release Date: 31/Dic/2013
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 34th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Tragedy shows all the exciting elements of Forever Storm, and presents a band very sure of its possibilities. Tragedy is melodic, powerful, fresh and technically elaborated. It's heavy as much as it can be but at the same time it shows an incredible sense of melody.

Tragedy pushes on the modern direction taken with the previous 2009 album. The songwriting is inspirational and avoids clichés; each band member is under the spotlight and contributes to a monstrous sound...

The album has it all: great guitar solos, great vocals and a rhythm section like few in heavy metal. Forever Storm has been kissed by the muse of inspiration on this album, which is destined to be one of their all times favorites.

Overall, this album is a first-rate masterpiece by a band of first-class musicians !!.

> Track List
1. Inceptum Finis 8. Paradox
2. Mother 9. City of vultures
3. Made of lies 10. Flames of reason
4. Forever the same 11. Death comes alive
5. Tragedy 12. Euthanasia for mankind
6. Nocturnal wings 13. The leaving
7. Carry on the flame  
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Lords of Metal
This Serbian band made a strong debut in 2009 with Soul Revolution, on which they showed sturdy, typical European power metal. The influences of German colleagues were obviously audible, but the band sounded more Italian, hailing the spirits of bands like Spellblast, Elvenking, Domine and Labyrinth. Although the entire thing wasnt original or innovative for even a second, the band made a good impression with their solid songwriting, instrumental skills and a great singer whose voice wasnt as soft and sweet as most colleagues in the genre. On the second long player, Tragedy, which was released in late December last year, the quartet continues the line of the debut and has strayed little from the sound and style they revealed on Soul Revolution. However, they have outdone themselves on every matter and have, shortly put, come with the superlative degree of that record. Each track contains strong, catchy riffing, beautiful melodies and solos, and strong vocal lines. The album also sounds very varied and so we can enjoy speedy tracks (Made Of Lies, Paradox and the magnificent title track), mid-tempo bangers (Mother and Nocturnal Wings), sensitive (semi-) ballades (Flames Of Reason), and melodic power metal (Carry On The Flame en The Leaving). On City Of Vultures and Death Comes Alive they also on walk more modern paths and we even find grunts, which fit the music perfectly well by the way! But it doesnt matter whether were dealing with melodic or more aggressive pieces, because the gentlemen stand their ground from start to finish and dont drop any stitches. Simply all tracks on the record are strong, and also come fully into their own thanks to the clear, powerful, contemporary production. And finally another thing I find quite pleasant about this record is that the band definitely honour the word power in power metal. This unlike all these super melodic garbage many bands try to sell as power metal, but lack any form of power. Fans of sturdy, modern power metal should definitely give this record a shot.
Metal Master Kingdom
Serbia may not have a massive metal scene at the moment, but me being of Serbian background, am proud to know that Serbia does have a growing metal scene. While much of the old guard of Serbian metal bands has disintegrated, with only a few remaining, people started to question the future of the Serbian metal scene. Don't worry though, there are several great metal bands emerging from all around Serbia at the moment such as Trigger, Stratus and Draconic to name a couple, but in my honest opinion, the one band that is more than worthy of being the true contender for the Serbian metal throne is Forever Storm .

Forever Storm hails from the city of Kragujevac and was formed in 2006. A perfect way of describing the band's style would be Iron Maiden-meets-thrash with hints of power metal and progressive metal. The band has played at some of Serbia's biggest rock festivals such as EXIT, Rock On and Rock Village. The band released their first album Soul Revolution in 2009, and began promoting the album by playing all across Serbia and Croatia. The band played at Wacken in 2010, and won 3rd place in the festival's Metal Battle contest among 28 other bands from around the globe. The band recently completed their long awaited new album Tragedy , which this review will focus on, released in November 2013, and are currently signed to EBM Records.

The album kicks off the with the battle march vibe and the soaring twin harmony leads of "Inceptum Finis", and leads into the ferocity of the second track "Mother". A demo version of the track was released by the band long before the album was completed. Track 3 "Made Of Lies" contains one of the finest middle sections ever composed, with a soulful piano solo that leads into a two-part guitar solo, starting off soaring and melodic, leading into a chaotic and shred-tastic conclusion. The intro twin-harmony lead on track 4 "Forever The Same" is extremely tasty and happily uplifting, which is an element that power metal fans have come to love, and almost has a DragonForce feel.

Track 7 "Carry On The Flame" is the album's ballad. It's probably the biggest chorus on the whole album, which will work perfect in a live situation where the whole crowd will sing along. The band heads into old-school thrash mode on tracks like "Paradox", "City Of Vultures" and "Death Comes Alive", where the riffs are driving and aggressive, and the solos are both melodic and chaotic. Stefan also unleashes some beastly vocals on the tracks. "Paradox" is the oldest track on the album because, like "Mother", was released long before the album's completion, which gave the fans a sneak peek of what was to come. The album closes with the instrumental "Euthanasia For Mankind", which was the album's original title. While it's another one of the slower tracks on the album with soaring riffs and harmonies, it's the perfect song to close out an incredible album.

What I like about Forever Storm is that while they're also classified as a power metal and progressive metal band, and power metal being stereotyped for epic song arrangements and very long songs, I like how Forever Storm isn't about overloading a song with as many musical elements and riffs as they can and making a song as long and epic as possible, it's just straight-to-the-point, simple but exciting song arrangements and compositions. Stefan's vocals are very much in the style of Bruce Dickinson and Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian. Drummer Vuk Stefanovic may not be the flashiest drummer in the world, but he knows exactly which part to lay down for a certain part of a song. Miloš Miletic delivers a perfect balance of musical and flashy guitar solos, and delivers some delicious harmony leads along with Stefan. The harmonized vocals between Stefan and bassist Vladimir Nestorovic in the choruses give the songs a huge sing-along feel when played live, especially on tracks like "Nocturnal Wings" and "Carry On The Flame".

I think this album is capable of pleasing every metal fan, from the ones who love the hard edge and aggression in thrash, to the ones who enjoy the most emotional, soulful and beautiful melodies. If you're a fan of Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Helloween, you'll love Forever Storm . The classic value is instantaneous with this album. Buy the album and support Forever Storm ! ŽIVELA SRBIJA!!!!

Highs: This album is an instant classic, and I'm not saying that just because the band is Serbian and I'm of Serbian background, I truly feel it and mean it.

Lows: Absolutely nothing major to complain about at all. This is a fantastic heavy metal record.
The Power of Metal
This is the second album by this Serbian metal band. I'm not familiar with their debut album, but this one is an album that surely will find its way to some metal maniacs. The style on this album is a combination of European power metal, some speed metal, thrashy riffs, but also few melodic happy metal parts.

The first song is an intro that could have been on an Iced Earth album. Immediately after that the song "Mother" starts with heavy riffing. It is a fast song and the rather in front of the mix guitar riffs see to it that it sounds very heavy. Responsible for the vocals is Stefan Kovacevic and I have to say that he does quite a good job. He has a powerful voice with enough aggression and it sticks to the music. Sure, not every note is clear, but that doesn't bother me at all. Listening to the songs, names like Gamma Ray, Mystic Prophecy, Iced Earth, Space Eater, Helloween and even Paradox because of the riffs enter my mind. I'm sure the album will be liked by the fans of these bands. What I like personally is that although the band sounds sometimes rather catchy, bombastic and melodic, their songs are very riff oriented. That makes them sound heavier than a lot of their genre mates.

Interesting enough to check them out!

Dopo il debutto Soul Revolution , datato 2009, i serbi Forever Storm tornano alla carica con Tragedy , un bel disco di musica robusta ma piena di sentimento. Nella musica dell'act di Kragujevac, infatti, sono rintracciabili sfumature molto introspettive, che colorano con calore una proposta altresì piuttosto frequente sul mercato; l'album che ne nasce, pur non competendo per la palma di disco dell'anno, è ben arrangiato e ben suonato, la dimostrazione di un songwriting ispirato e personale, nel quale coesistono diverse anime e tantissime influenze nascoste. Fin da pezzi come Mother emerge la coesistenza di poderosi riff power metal ed altri più armonici e melodici, quasi maideniani e tesi a mitigare lo spessore dei primi; generalmente ci si imbatte in pezzi mid-tempo, quadrati e dotati di vocals assai emotive, quasi malinconiche nei refrain (la stessa Mother o l'ottima Forever the Same ne sono un esempio valido).

In alcuni episodi compare pure qualche assaggio di velocità, ma generalmente la band imbastisce strutture capaci di modificare in corsa la propria metrica, prediligendo andamenti vivaci ma raramente concedendosi serrate ritmiche a briglia sciolta. Aperture melodiche e arpeggi rendono più ricca la portata, mentre i già citati chorus epici danno una marcia in più a tutte le composizioni, che risultano gradevoli e coinvolgenti anche se non trascendentali. In altre parole, non vi è nessun picco clamoroso o momento indimenticabile, cosa che rende questo Tragedy un buon lavoro ma nella media delle attuali uscite discografiche. Il drumming è corposo e ordinato, si limita a tenere il tempo con forza e puntualità senza uscire dagli schemi o mostrare sprazzi di fantasia; le due chitarre suonano rocciose e regalano qualche bel riff radicato nella tradizione, ricordando talvolta la classe degli Iron Maiden e talvolta la ruvidezza di certi esponenti meno celebri della New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, anche se in certi frangenti compare persino qualche linea che non sfigurerebbe in qualche pezzo melodic-death. Tutte soluzioni già sentite, beninteso, piacevoli ma poco più; anche la voce si ritaglia un ruolo importante ma limitandosi ad una prova soltanto discreta, priva di grossi orpelli tecnici: Stefan Kovacevic canta pulito, accorato, e alla fine il risultato non si fa dispiacere, anche perché non mancano affatto i bei ritornelli ariosi tipici del genere. Il punto di forza di questi refrain è rappresentato dal fatto che entrano in testa facilmente, ma senza essere ruffiani: la passionalità che si respira in episodi come Nocturnal Wings o Carry on the Flame sembra genuina e comunica un senso di trasporto quasi sognante, ricordando per certi versi persino un romanticismo alla HIM . I momenti più duri del lotto, invece, coincidono con Paradox o Death Comes Alive , canzoni costruite apposta per l'headbanging, ma al contempo dotate di alcune soluzioni più moderne, giusto per far suonare fresco e al passo coi tempi il platter.

Death Comes Alive , in particolare, si pone come una devastante corsa ritmica e ricorda nel riffing certe cose degli Iced Earth , prima di culminare in un ritornello molto evocativo e in alcuni riff dai tratti orientaleggianti. Non sono troppo frequenti e elaborati gli assoli di chitarra, purtroppo. A questi si sarebbe potuta dedicare un'attenzione maggiore; inoltre, la scaletta viene appesantita da qualche episodio di troppo (la stessa titletrack o la conclusiva Euthanasia for Mankind sembrano avere poco da aggiungere al computo globale), suscitando l'impressione che sarebbe stato meglio fermarsi a 9-10 brani senza andare a ricoprire quasi un'ora di ascolto. Giudizio generale positivo, tutto sommato: l'album merita un ascolto e piacerà agli appassionati del settore, soprattutto quelli più giovani o che non richiedono giocoforza la riproposizione forzata di un certo tipo di sonorità old school.
Made in Metal
EBM records presenta su edición número 34 de la serie "Thrash is Back". Sin embargo la banda que presenta, Forever Storm, cambia un poco con relación a los parámetros de las anteriores, pues tenemos aquí a un grupo que si bien tiene algo de thrash en su música, lo mezcla con power metal y metal prog en cierta medida.

Algo que podemos apreciar a partir de su primera canción, la instrumental “Inceptum Finis”, de aires épicos, antes de pasar a la fuerte “Mother”.

Tragedy muestra todos los elementos que domina Forever Storm, una banda con muchas posibilidades musicales. Sus riffs son melódicos, poderosos, frescos y elaborados técnicamente. Son una banda heavy de las que cultivan con intensidad la melodía.

La banda viene de Servia, y aunque se fundaron en el 2006, desde el 2003 nació la idea, cuando los guitarristas Miloš Miletid y Stefan Kovačevid se conocieron.

“Forever The Same” muestra una canción donde melodía y fuerza se mezclan creando un producto muy atractivo. Es de esas canciones que pudieran definir a una banda. Los grandes solos de guitarra están presentes, destacando el de “Made Of Lies” aunque podrán ustedes descubrir muchos otros durante el disco.

La voz y la sección rítmica están muy ligadas al heavy metal. Stefan Kovačević tiene un timbre vocal muy agradable y canta sin esfuerzo dominando una técnica vocal depurada.

Aunque en algunos momentos la banda tuvo un tecladista, aquí no, pues el músico se fue antes de que el CD estuviera terminado. Tal vez sea por ello que no predominan sonidos de teclados ni samplers, y la música está centrada en las guitarras, con una intensidad que te llega a las entrañas, como en el riffs de “Tragedy”, aunque por momentos se escucha un teclado de fondo, muy bajo en la producción y excepcionales dentro de la grabación.

A partir de “Nocturnal Wings” comienzas a percatarte que las composiciones han cuidado el balance entre melodía y fuerza de una manera personalizada para cada canción, algo apreciable desde el comienzo y que incluso en la balada “Carry On The Flame” está presente, aunque en ella predomine el ritmo lento y el romanticismo.

La segunda mitad del disco comienza con la power metalera “Paradox” continuando con uno de los riffs que pudieran calificarse como thasheros en “City Of Vultures”. Otro de los escasos momentos de teclados aparece en “Flames Of Reason” antes de dar paso a la épica “Death Comes Alive” que se convierte en otro de los temas más cercanos al thrash.

“Euthanasia For Mankind” va marcando el cierre, con unos misteriosos arpegios de guitarra y algo de teclados, en otra de las canciones donde mezclan todo su arsenal e influencias musicales, para finalizar con “The Leaving”, un cierre de los clásicos dentro del estilo compositivo de Forever Storm.

Para los amantes del power metal y el heavy metal, esta banda será un gran descubrimiento si aun no las hecho.

Metal Temple
FOREVER STORM are a Heavy Metal band from Serbia formed in 2006 releasing their debut album in 2009 and the follow up in 2013. The new album opens with the atmospheric instrumental “Inceptum Finis” leading into the bombastic Power Metal of “Mother” . Big riffs, catchy melodies and a sing a long chorus “Mother” is a cracking opening song. The heavier “Made Of Lies” rattles into life and races along at pace displaying traits similar to those of legendary German Power Metal bands HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY . “Forever The Same” sparkles as it races through riff after riff, a blistering guitar solo and powerful clean vocals.

Title song “Tragedy” bristles with energy, passion and a foot stomping rhythm. This is Power Metal at its best. The mid tempo “Nocturnal Wings” has big riffs, powerful vocals, a foot tapping rhythm and an epic slow down midway through. “Carry On The Flame” is a mid paced Rock song giving the listener a breather from the full on Power Metal heard so far. Only a short breather though as “Paradox” hits you in a flurry of guitars and rumbles off at pace.

A big chunky Power Metal riff welcomes “City Of Vultures” which stomps off at mid tempo with a slightly gruffer vocal performance too. “Flames Of Reason” is a mix of acoustic and electric guitars as it ambles on, “Death Comes Alive” ups the tempo and races on while the epic “Euthanasia For Mankind” is six minutes of atmospheric dark Metal, almost doom like at times. Bonus song “The Leaving” is an up tempo Power Metal song with a catchy foot stomping rhythm.

Overall, bombastic, barn storming Power Metal full of energy and passion, this is an album that will please fans of European Power Metal.

Warum „Tragedy“ in der "Thrash is Back" Series von EBM Records laufen muss wird mir auf ewig ein Rätsel bleiben. Nicht das die Scheibe schlecht wäre, aber mit Thrash Metal hat keiner der zwölf vorgetragenen Songs auch nur im Entferntesten was zu tun. Die Jungs kommen aus Kragujevac in Serbien, haben sich 2006 zusammengefunden und 2009 mit „Soul Revelation“ ihr Debütalbum herausgebracht. Wohlfühlen tut sich das serbische Quartett im melodischen Heavy/Power-Metal und dabei machen sie gar nicht mal so eine schlechte Figur. Die Jungs sind technisch erhaben, Gitarrist Stefan Kovacevic hat eine ausdrucksstarke Power-Röhre und müsste man es kurz beschreiben, wäre ein STRATOVARIUS ohne Keyboards gar nicht mal so verkehrt.

FOREVER STORM schaffen es auch einigermaßen diverse Power-Metal-Klischees zu umschiffen, wenngleich der Beginn und diverse Zwischenparts von „Nocturnal Wings“ oder die Kitsch-Ballade „Carry On The Flame“ schon leicht am nervtötenden Pathos von FREEDOM CALL herumkratzen. Sonst aber ist „Tragedy“, auch wegen der manchmal auftauchenden Affinität zu METALLICAs schwarzem Album, ein durchaus hörbares, obschon eindeutig zu lange ausgefallenes Stück Power-Metal geworden.

Die powermetallische Sensation darf man sich hier zwar nicht erwarten, wer sich aber gerne von melodischen, aber dennoch harten Klängen umgarnen lässt, der könnten an dieser Tragödie Gefallen finden. Solid Power-Metal-Fare

Wertung: 3.0 von 5.0
Autor: reini (29. Dezember 2013)

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