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Title: Blood Spilled
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2004
Price: $9.00 USD

The Most devastating Grind Core band from Mexico.

" This is an assault of Screamed and Grunted Vocals over a torment of Harsh Fucking Grind Core "

The band's debut release

> Track List
1.genocide 8. NAZI BASTARD
2. misery 9. no depression
3. anti xenophobic 10. tender venom
4. stop 11. mc donalds' death
5. no war 12. destruction
6. bastard slave 13. blood spilled
7. mundial defeat 14. kay and rotteness
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
BRAINDEAD - the goregrind & grindcore webzine
This is some brutal grind from Mexico in the vein of Cripple Bastards, Agathocles or Rot with in addition to that, some very strong thrashing death metal influences; sound quality is good enough, musicianship is quite tight overall too... Songs are actually pretty elaborate in an almost thrash metal way, unfortunately they lack something gripping/memorable about them, still, it's obvious a ton of anger is going through this music... Unrelenting aggression, thrashing guitars, highly energic and blasting drumming, bestial growling, raging screaming... This stuff comes out really fast and expeditious too... 14 songs in 15 minutes. All in all I think this short cd is a pretty fucking decent effort! Lyrics are in spanish, and even though my spanish is crap I could guess what the lyrics were about... Very straightforward socio-political messages, there's even some drawings and sketches describing what each song is about! Not the tightest band ever obviously, but still some fun grindcore; if you wanna check out some bands from Mexico, I think it's definitely a cool one!
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