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Title: Death to my Enemies
Format: CD
Release Date: 18/Feb/2011
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 9th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Emerging from the dark streets of Brazil with such a lethal sound that seems to be born from the cold deeps of a rotten grave, 3 metal warriors walk among the dead and ashes of a desolated land holding high with pride the flag of old school metal.

Skulls and rotten bodies lying all over around while the sound of apocalypse come alive like a nightmarish entity in a dying world. It has born from the dead, it has been unleashed from hell and the ancient blood runs through the veins of this mortal beast.

Hellkommander, the Southamerican terror, is here to deliver 11 lethal nightmares that surely will be a morbid delight for the most die-hard Hellhammer & Celtic Frost worshipers.

Your worst nightmare is about to begin...

> Track List
1. Gift of death 7. Black rites
2. Dog from hell 8. Execute the weak
3. The cursed 9. Dog from hell *
4. Armageddon, I want it now 10. Armageddon, I want it now *
5. Nuclear graves 11. The cursed *
6. Morbid obssession (*) Bonus tracks
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Zombie Ritual
Excellent album coming from Brazil! This band features members and ex members from different bands like Sodomizer, Apokalyptic Raids and Grave Desecrator , and believe me; they know what they are doing. If you worship Hellhammer, Venom , and early Motörhead you will love this piece of morbid metal. This is the satanic and punkish side of the genre and if you are 35 or older, you will feel the cold of death in the back when you hear the first song. The production is dirty and quite organic, perfect for the music style. Maybe some of you will say that this band is a copy of Hellhammer and lack of personality. I not agree because these guys created deadly guitar riffs in simple rhythm structures, and seems like they are not looking for something else: it's just pure Armageddon noise and fuck the world. This CD version includes three songs recorded in rehearsal. It's an excellent acquisition. – Victor Varas
DOA/SOD magazine #3
Old-school Death Metal that has more in common with CELTIC FROST and MOTORHEAD than any current Death Metal “grunt and grind” trends. Guitars are tuned low here and vocals are mostly beer-swilling tirades about pain, death and destruction so prepare to have your oxygen cut off by tracks like “Gift of Death”, “Dog from Hell” and “Execute the Weak”. Track to track this one suffers a bit from repetition of riffs and a lack of any significant breaks or solos but fans of that under-produced old-school sound should be able to work up some enthusiasm for the raw nature of the carnage on display. (DH)
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