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Title: What a Fucking Waste of Life
Format: CD
Release Date: 20/jun/2008
Price: $9.00 USD

Homo Homini Lupus belongs to a new wave of European bands that along with acts such as Bolesno Grinje , Human Error , Mercenary Cockroach and Jack have reached a level in the underground scene that can easily being compared to those leading the current scene on both sides of the planet.

What a fucking waste of life is the band's debut full lenght and is as incendiary in its lyrics as prolific in its musicianship skillness.

12 blistering tracks of intense and raw as hell Grind/Crust from a band with a true promising future in the underground scene.

> Track List
1. Screams from the Closet 7. Homo Sapiens Varies Monstrum
2. Rottating Bomb 8. Abolishing the Borders
3. Too Many Ways 9. Monopoly
4. Breathe for their Need 10. In Vivo
5. Mental Disease 11. Playing God in World Peace
6. Ecstasy of Death 12. Dont Eat Whatever is Served
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> Reviews
Attack webzine

There's no doubt Homo Homini Lupus has a lot on their minds and that they're really eager to get the message across. They use their entire arsenal of crusty riffs, grinding drums, roaring and grunting vocals in an effort of making themselves heard - both musically and lyrically. And I'm the first to admit that they succeed quite well with this, even though I unfortunately find this to be quite uninteresting, no matter how loud and brutal they might be - the music simply lack that last ingredient I'm looking for.
If you break it down and look at all the parts of which this twelve track CD is built up on you won't find any big flaws as they have quite powerful riffs with both heavy rhythms and intense rage, a suiting sound which is far from clean but at the same time not too rough, and with the addition of all three members chipping in on vocal duties giving it an extra level of aggression. Still, I maintain that there's something missing. I can't quite put my finger on it, but as a whole I'd say the tracks on here aren't memorable enough, even though there is the occasional track that stands out. Worth looking into if you're on the hunt for a brutal käng/crust mix with grind tendencies as you might find something that I'm not. [Krogh - December 20, 2008] .

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HOMO HOMINI LUPUS - Dont Eat Whatever is Served