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Title: Assassins of War
Format: MCD
Release Date: 15/may/2007
Price: $8.00 USD

The band's newest release titled Assassins Of War ". HIRAX has regrouped in 2006 with a new lineup and a re-energized, fierce determination to create music that will surpass all of their previous material and they will continue their never-ending support for the metal underground.

HIRAX is a band consisting of 5 talented musicians- lead guitarists Glenn Rogers and Lance Harrison , bassist Steve Harrison , and drummer Fabricio Ravelli , but the band is a dream and obsession of one man. Katon W. De Pena could have left the band and never looked back and HIRAX would have become a footnote in the history of metal. But De Pena envisioned something more. HIRAX had more to prove, more songs to write, and more countries to conquer, so HIRAX continues on. Metal flows through De Pena's veins and HIRAX is the band that will keep true metal alive.

This Edition ( compared to the USA and European editions ) comes on a Deluxe / Super Glossy Paper. A top Quality work for a Top Quality Release from one of the most important and influential bands in Thrash Metal history.

> Track List
1. Lucifers Inferno 4. Invasion
2. Summon the Death Dealers 5. Assassins of War
3. City of the Dead  
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