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Title: Thrash and Destroy
Format: DVD+CD
Release Date: 25/Ago/2008
Price: $15.00 USD

Following the 2007 releases of the "Assassins Of War" and "Chaos And Brutality" Eps, the Long Beach thrashers unveil their brand-new DVD, "Thrash And Destroy." The DVD features the band's entire 75-minute performance at the Keep It True Festival IX on November 3, 2007, in Dittigheim, Germany, a raw, kick ass show to a sold-out audience. Never before seen live footage: fists flying, stage diving, heads banging! Six in-your-face professional camera angles—the closest you can get to seeing the band live without being there—an up-close, personal look at one of the all-time most legendary thrash metal bands, with high-quality digital sound. More than that, the DVD disc includes a 12-song bonus set recorded live at the Metal Forces Night on September 29, 2007, in Lorrach, Germany. More than that a bonus audio CD with complete 75-minute performance has been included to the package! The artwork has been drawn by BILL HAUSER. The DVD is NTSC and Region 0.

> Track List
DVD 16. Mouth Sewn Shut
(Live @ Keep it True Festival) 17. (encore) Assassins of War
1. (intro) EL dia de los muertos 18. Unleash the Dogs of War
2. 100,000 strong (Live @ Metal Forces Night )
3. Lucifer´s Inferno 1. The New Age of Terror
4. Blind Faith 2. Chaos and Brutality
5. The New Age of Terror 3. Hate, Fear and Power
6. Chaos and Brutality 4. Hostile Territory
7. Hate, Fear and Power 5. Destroy
8. Hostile Territory 6. Broken Neck
9. Destroy 7. Demons Evil Forces
10. Broken Neck 8. EL Diablo Negro
11. Bombs of Death 9. Barrage of Noise
12. EL Diablo Negro 10. Walk with Death
13. Barrage of Noise 11. The Plague
14. Walk with Death 12. Bombs of Death
15. The Plague  
CD 9. Destroy
(Live @ Keep it True Festival) 10. Broken Neck
1. (intro) EL dia de los muertos 11. Bombs of Death
2. 100,000 strong 12. EL Diablo Negro
3. Lucifer´s Inferno 13. Barrage of Noise
4. Blind Faith 14. Walk with Death
5. The New Age of Terror 15. The Plague
6. Chaos and Brutality 16. Mouth Sewn Shut
7. Hate, Fear and Power 17. (encore) Assassins of War
8. Hostile Territory 18. Unleash the Dogs of War
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