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Title: Life Sentence
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2006
Price: $12.00 USD

Seventeen tracks of brutal, grinding crustpunk from Budapest, Hungary! They have been an acrtive part of the local DIY punk community since the late 90's and have numerous releases available in Eastern Europe, and have played with many well-known American and Western European hardcore, punk, and grind bands who've ventured to Hungary, and have made a lasting impression on those they've met. The cover artwork for this CD is by famed NYC activist artist Eric Drooker of WW3 Illustrated (etc.) fame. LP version on Profane Existence recs.

> Track List
1. living common grave 10. protozoan life
2. torture culture 11. fuck the police
3. so fucking cool 12. as the general taste dictates
4. készülni a legrosszabbra 13. amerikai álom
5. egyenesen a semmibe 14. intézményesített rabság
6. concentration army 15. this age decline
7. semmi nem számít 16. endgame of a fatal blame
8. hateful point 17. nehéz ügy
9. sin doesn't fly away  
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Rise and Subvert Webzine
Human Error is a band I've seen here and there for a few years time but actually never took the time to listen to so I'm glad that I got this record cause I've been meaning to check them out. The artwork on the front-cover of this record is made by anarchist artist Eric Drooker, that along with the title "Life sentence" should give you a pretty good idea of what Human Error is about. The brutal, pist-off grinding hardcore punk and the desperate, political lyrics that are screamed out in anger and despair, makes this a very strong and powerfull release. In my opinion there has to be something really special with a record if I'm gonna stay focused through an entire set of 17 tracks cause most of the times I find myself bored halfway through. That's not the case here and I guess that the anger and frustration really comes through here which helps me get through all the 17 tracks. I would have liked it better with less tracks on it cause at times it gets a little too much. On the other hand, the songs on this record is written during a 6 year period so I understand if they want to get them out so that they can move on. Human Error is one of the best bands I've heard from Hungary and I'm looking forward to their future recordings cause it feels like they have a lot more to give. This record will also be released as an LP by Profane Existence. [ Sonny, november 27th 2006 ]
Attack Webzine
EBM records have surprised me a bit lately with releasing some stuff I didn't see coming from them, and the same goes for this disc. Sure, the Hungarian unit Human Error does have a lot of grinding going on, but it's far from your average grind band. On these seventeen tracks you'll get a lot of stuff ranging from thrashy and groovy riffs, via a more classic d-beat sound, to fully blown out blast beats - and I love every minute of it!
Very intense stuff and the variety in the music definitely make it extra interesting and the tracks more memorable. Hectic stuff like this can sometimes lack the catchiness and the variety, but Human Error has captured it perfectly.
They sing in both Hungarian and English and the lyrics are provided in both languages. The lyrics aren't bringing up anything especially new or anything but are well written and deal with anything from rock star attitudes to the masses being trampled upon. [Krogh - January 7, 2007]
Metal Rage

Human Error is a Crusty Punx inspired band from Budapest, Hungary. Their biography states that they've been an active part in the local DIY Punk community and have brought out zillions of releases in the eastern parts of Europe….. Well…. Superb…. Damn, why are all those fucking biographies so full of goddamn shit! What do I fucking give about how many records they've brought out in fucking Uruzgan or whatever! I want to hear some angry crust grinding punk! Okay, excuse my language for this one, but this is Crust Punk!

Luckily, when I started to listen to this album (which is by the way called Life Sentence ) I was completely blasted away! Hell fucking yeah! Bring me the beer and the moshpit please, because I really needed that when I heard it. I can't help saying this, but this is just one of those bands that would kick fabulous ass on Obscene Extreme! The songs are all angry and reminded me of a crossbreed between Malignant Tumour and those Italian maniacs called Cripple Bastards . Furthermore I really hear some Discharge and Disfear influences, which I really like! I like the fact that their song titles are interesting, because I can't read or understand half of them. Sorry, but I do not speak ‘Magyar' and that's probably the only Hungarian word I know…. Owh and bosmec (Excuse my spelling). Well, to make a long story considerably shorter, I'm going to say that this record plainly kicks ass and everybody should buy it!

Why does it kick ass? Well, if you're into the crust genre, have dreadlocks and a dog then this is probably the band for you! I do not have a dog, but I can apply myself to the first 2, which makes it pretty understandable that I jumped through my room when listening to this record. Just listening to this record makes me want to go to Obscene Extreme this year!!!!! A record like this does not need more explanation, because if you don't know what crust punk is, you'll probably don't like it.

Lords of Metal

In this week's edition of 'metal all around the world' we present the grindcore formation Human Error, hailing, believe it or not, from the Hungarian underground. 'Life Sentence', recorded two year ago has (finally) been deemed worthy enough for a full scale release by Endless Brutality Of Men Records, maybe that some connection exists to the addition of Human Error to this year's edition of the Obscene Extreme festival.

Not many words need be spent on the music on 'Life Sentence', since it is the product of the following simple formula: hardcore punk plus grunt equals brutality. The only death metal element is provided by the vomiting vocalist, the musical foundation is made up of simple three chord hardcore punk. Personally I would have liked to have a more in your face approach, something a blastbeat or some heavy death metal riffs would have provided, but then again I come from a metal background. Those of you with a more hardcore oriented background will like 'Life Sentence' a lot better than I do.

Metal Review
First things first, Life Sentence is not a metal album in any real sense of the word; if this bothers you in any particular way, get the fuck over it. Human Error plays a style of crust that utilizes a wide variety of elements from an expansive background of influences as varied as traditional grindcore, old school hardcore, to the heavy influence of bands along the lines of Doom or Discharge that really paved the way for this sort of thing to follow. Frankly speaking, that's really about where the contact with the metal world at large ends, but this doesn't in any way detract from Life Sentence being a truly aggressive and refreshingly exciting release.

Human Error have been a large part of the DIY punk community in Budapest since the late 90's, and it shows. This is reflected quite spectacularly in their ability to write a damn good song, yet more importantly, to actually offer an album than expands upon a genre that is arguably even more stagnant than death metal is nowadays. For those of you who may not know much about the genre as a whole, this isn't grindcore proper (in the usual sense used to describe bands like Terrorizer ), nor is it even primarily grindcore with emphatic punk leanings along the lines of Phobia or Skitsystem , the style presented on Life Sentence is very much in the vein of older Cripple Bastards : a multifarious melee of crust punk with a distinctive grindcore edge to it, nothing more and nothing less.

All seventeen songs are ferocious, to-the-point bursts of violence and aggression that rather than descending into a wall of half-rate noise, consistently keeps up an alarmingly professional demeanor. The level of variety and energy is kept at a constant high throughout each song with a very experienced use of contrast between catchy two steps and the quintessential d-beats and the more grindcore oriented blasts. One of the things you have to keep in mind with nearly every genre of grindcore, especially the more hardcore punk oriented material, is that it isn't exactly an overly complicated form of music. Some of you may just think I'm making excuses for sub-par musicianship, but then again you don't really fault a Picasso for being too abstract, as to do so would be to miss the point entirely. I could sit here and wade through a bunch of laborious descriptions and flowery language, but in this case I think that would be a disservice to both you and I. If you have any affiliation with hardcore punk, this one should be right up your alley, I promise.
Live 4 Metal
This is in-your-face, angry as hell politically driven Hardcore Punk that never lets up and no-one is safe from their vitriol. "Rockstar - conceited, arrogant rubbish bastards": the self explanatory titles Fuck The Police and Institutional Slavery and the anti-capitalist Nothing Matters, the list goes on. With half the songs sung in Hungarian, I've no idea who's next for a tongue lashing, but I can feel the hatred that's flying from my headphones. With Készülni a Legrosszabbra hitting home like the Anti Nowhere Leagues classic Woman on PCP, whilst Concentration Army reminds me more of the Dead Kennedy's circa Bedtime For Democracy, it's all good shit.
Vomit the Soul
HUMAN ERROR seems to be a very active band for year now, but finally, this is for me the first opportunity to listen to them! With this full length release entitled “Life Sentence”, HUMAN ERROR unleashes 17 tracks of ferocious and raging Crust Grind Core!! Fast and crushing musick from the first to the last track of this album, and to compare this album, I think could mention bands like DISCHARGE, old DISFEAR, NYCTOPHOBIC “Insects” and latest MALIGNANT TUMOUR!! From Grind to Crust during the 26 minutes of this album! No compromises, even if here and there some mid tempo parts can be heard, the whole stuff is definitely into ferocious musick the way it must be!!! Lyrically, of course nothing new for a Grind Crust band, with obvious social and political themes, sung in English, but also in Hungarian with translation in the booklet. At last this is a very efficient full length release from HUMAN ERROR!! Just check this album! It kills!
Metal Storm
Yes, another crustcore punk band on EBM which also takes its influences from old Napalm Death and Scandinavian hardcore punk bands. Seventeen songs in 26 and a half minutes. You know what to expect, straight to the point compact songs. No long-winded epic approaches. So, not for the faint of heart or for progressive metal fans (unless you are among those very few that can still appreciate raw to the bone hardcore punk)
Lyrically it all deals with political themes, such anti-capitalism, anti-militarism, mass manipulation, with a strong sensibility. My guess is that that also holds true for the Hungarian language songs on offer here.
Human Error has been around since 1996 and has been recording since 1998 to much acclaim of the European hardcore underground. Now Life Sentence, which was recorded in 2004, finally sees the light of day. And to tell the truth, I like what I hear, and am glad EBM is releasing this for a much wider public. Like I said, compact, tight as a duck's ass crustcore songs to beat the unbelievers into submission. Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Cryptopsy and a whole slew of other death metal and grindcore bands brutal? Don't make me laugh. Crustcore is way more brutal than Glen Benton being gang-banged by a herd of hungry hippos. But if you can't stand politics in lyrics then please avoid this, since politics is a way of life for these sorts of bands. But if you're open-minded and want to be exposed to true hardcore punk and not the sort of music that is being whored around as that nowadays then please please do check out Human Error, you won't be disappointed.
After hearing this release and the other releases by EBM such as Comando Caveira, Degenerhate and Nosferatus Subworld I am truly longing back to my first hardcore punk concert again. Which, just on a side note, was Negazione. Now that was violence and blood on the dancefloor if there ever was... My God, hear me go on about the olden days, I am starting to sound like an old man.
Best song on Life Sentence that sums it all up for me is Fuck The Police!
Noise Attack Webzine
Glad to have a copy of this album released by EBM records, even HE quite new to my ears. This Hungarian band reminds me some of the crusty brutal hardcore band I've heard before like early Cripple Bastard, Disfear, Discharge, and others. HE is from Budapest, Hungary. And “Life Sentence” is their latest records (full length) album. With lots of crusty mid tempo and blasting beats from start to end, recorded summer of 2004. No compromises, the vocals deliver with tremendous furious hardcore with vomiting grunts on the other tracks. This is fucking brutal and in your face ear bleeding vocals! While the guitar play raw, 3 chords crusty thrashy riffs. Superb and excellent for this kind of band that varied in different tunes and chords. While drums played also into d-beat, mid tempo, catchy beats that make you banging while listening on the entire album, and turn to heavy pounding beats with some tracks that are into fast and blasting parts. You can find also inside the CD sleeve the lyrics sheet into English and Hungarian so no problem for both readers. 17 tracks that are tackle into some sort of things everyday negative things happening. Environment, anti war, anti police, etc. (J)
Deaf Sparrow webzine

Rarely do we get to hear bands that manage to walk so well that thin shit smelling line that lies somewhere between grindcore, hardcore and rough crusty punk rock.  Most inexperienced bands tend to lean too much on the murky side, obliterating any traces of musicality their music might have, while others, especially in grindcore, get buried, forgotten and damned by volume and fourth world level production values. It's more difficult than it might appear; turn that guitar up a little too much, scream too loud, or ruin those triggered drums with silly mechanical programming and what you have is utter mess. A clusterfuck of noise that has little to do with organized sounds. Not only are the results sometimes studio pre-fabricated but with the excuse that for extreme music's sake everything is fair, us loyal fans are currently served plethora of shit sounding records. As someone who spends a great deal of time listening and writing about music I tell you one thing, extreme music can be cool and super ridiculous, and that's all good, but it shouldn't be all about that.

For what it is though, this Budapest (that's in Hungary you ignoramus) quartet makes extreme music sound easy and mighty good.  Life Sentence , a compilatory works that nicely boxes Human Error's splits and minis, is a perfect example of an extreme band working the melodies and never for half a second approximating the juicy pussification of its sound. Human Error are hardcore because their work is aggressive, and the feeling you get is  that these dudes are looking for one thing also; and that is beat the shit out of you because they are hardcore about everything. But Human Error is also grindcore because their chunky guitars start up at 150 MPH and retain that speed all throughout. There are no boring breakdowns in Life Sentence , just bone crunching and femur licking hyper violence at the macro level. Gabor, the throat of the band, is stellar, raw and blistering like only a man with total disregard for his future as a vocalist could, Gabor stretches the limits of his vocal chords to the point where you almost want to ask him to stop.  His backing band rocks out properly, with the hungry man guitars of Csiga marking the speed but also the feel of the record. Enter melodic grindcore, or chugga-less hardcore, this is a welcome break from the boredom of everyday crew cut combos.

Crust punk webzine
Another good production from EBM Records. Another good band that my stereo play with pleasure. Human Error are a famous band, they play from  a lot of time. They come from Budapest and take part of the D.I.Y. scene from a lot of years. Life Sentence is , If I'm not wrong, their third CD, for the first time without to collaborate with other band.  The CD start in then best way, after a short intro it's begin with 2 guitar's riffs shoot with theirs crust-core style with some grind vain. The grind style is reminded by drum's blast often present on the song. 17 brutal and fast song without breath, This are Human Error and this CD is the confirmation of their style. My favorite  song is “Fuck the Police” , not an original title but really original song, It is a little anthem. Good the production as the package, with inside the lyrics , politically oriented , in English and mother language.
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HUMAN ERROR - End Game of a Fatal Blame