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Band: JACK
Title: MMVII
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2007
Price: $8.00 USD

Few bands can reach this level of progress in such a sort time. Hungary's JACK is a band with an extreme potential of sucess in Underground movement and with this CD, the band's debut album, JACK breaks the concept of " local band " and opens the way for a true promising future as one of the most most promising acts in the current European Scene.

16 tracks of non stop & fast as fuck Grind / Crust madness. No speed limits here

> Track List
1. A hazugság gyülekezete ( denomination of lies ) 8. Nem változik semmi ( nothing changes )
2. Utópia ( utopia ) 9. Hazudj magadnak ( lie to yourself )
3. Üres szavak ( empty words ) 10. Vak törvény ( blind law ),
4. Nyílvántartott rabszolga ( registered slave ) 11. Monotónia ( monotonic life )
5. Önjelölt bálvány ( self-styled idol ) 12. A zene gyilkosai ( killers of music )
6. Elmerülve ( lost ) 13. Gyerekek a fronton ( defenseless children )
7. Eldöntött sorsok ( determined fate ) 14. Rombolj le mindent (destroy everything)
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> Reviews
Metal Rage

Hungary's Jack is a grind/crust band, originated in 1996. Back then they started as a punk band, but as the years passed the style gradually changed to hardcore and then grind and crust. Also many line-up changes took place. Let's see if MMVII is a worthy addition to one of the noisiest scenes in metal.

Hell fucking yes it is! Nothing new, nothing refreshing, just something highly aggressive and brutal! Think of Napalm Death for sure. Especially the vocals remind me of that insane fucker going by the name of Barney . Fast, short songs all sung in Hungarian. But don't sweat, they've added an English translation with all the lyrics, so you can understand what they're yelling about, if you care.

There's not much more to say about these fourteen tracks that last under twenty minutes. You can really hear the drive that bands like Nasum and Napalm Death also possess, although the sound is more like the messy Napalm Death stuff. Grindcore and crustcore fans should definitely pick this one up!

Noise Attack Webzine
Actually I already heard JACK before in one of various compilation I've got and on that time I heard this band I already realized that this band need a space in brutal crustcore scene. Yeah, this band reminds me of some brutal hardcore crust band like Forca Macabra, and others. So why no doubt that EBM records decided to released a full length album for this band. And this was their latest release on EBM records plus their last split CD with Step On It. The aggressiveness and brutal of the band always everywhere in the CD, with some catchy and d-beat crust beats. Banging mosh tunes. And blasting fast part beats. The vocals play very well too, with a nerve racking angry hardcore vocals. Angry hardcore style. While the guitar tune was into raw, distorted crushing riffs. Catchy and heavy riffs with well handled guitar tunes. Also contribute the pounding catchy heavy beat of drums. With mid tempo, mosh beats and blasting parts. Recommended to all crusty maniacs if you are looking for heavy crustcore band. Although the lyrics written in Hungarian language, there is also English translation so no need to worry. With a clean white sleeve background layout and plain text format. We hope to see more stuff for JACK and more heaviness. (J)
Lords of Metal webzine

Hungary is the place to be! After spending a week walking around the capital Budapest, I found the CD of the Hungarian grindcore band Jack on my doorstep when I got home. Jack has had several line-up and style changes since they started in 1996 and the melting pot of that experience is something we can hear in the tightness of the instruments, which is something that I often miss in grindcore bands. The Mexican label Endless Brutality Of Men Records decided to release these fourteen tracks on 'MMVII'.

A smart choice for the title, since most Hungarian bands sing in their own language. Luckily a translation can be found in the booklet for all the lyrics. The style, the aggression and the intensity remind me strongly of the last two Napalm Death records, the period where the Birminghammers re-invented grindcore. So it's an ok CD for fans of those records, but its seventeen minute length is hardly enough to state whether the band is varied or writes good compositions. I can hardly wait for the first full length!

Vomit the Soul webzine
JACK… what a strange name actually!? Watching at the artwork and with such a band name, I don't have any idea of how this band could sound! Titles and lyrics written in Hungarian can't help me neither (even if an English translation can be read in the booklet…) So let's put the CD in my stereo! And finally JACK is playing… furious Grind Core!!! Yeah, 14 tracks for 17 minutes of raging Grind Core with a heavy Crust feeling, with obvious influences from several NAPALM DEATH releases like “Fear, Emptiness, Despair”, but with a more Grind / Brutal Hard Core feeling, and less Death Metal touches! Brutal, violent, intense and straightforward!! This first release shows a real potential, with even some diversified ideas, sometimes sounding a bit like a Punk / Crust band, sometimes being closer to Grind Core masters UNHOLY GRAVE and the likes, only the short running time of this release is a pity… because we just need more!! Very good and well inspired Grind Core / Crust! Hoping for a longer release very very soon!!!! BUY OR DIE!
Deaf Sparrow webzine

M exican label Endless Brutality of Men is doing a great job at exploiting some pockets of opportunity unexplored by American indies. First was that excellent Human Error record ( Life Sentence ) I reviewed a few weeks back and now is the turn of their countrymen Jack whose assured debut MMVII Ctenomys Blainv is ageless chunky crust hardcore. Pure punishment for your ears, nicely cut slices of extremity to satiate your longing for Assück.  Jack's first recording is all about stopping short of the excesses and coming out with a record that runs through fourteen songs in a little over seventeen minutes.  But that's typical for the genre, so what do they do that's new? Absolutely nothing, but what they lack in originality they more than make up in attitude, volume and personality. Any of the songs contained in the album are literally bound to bitch slap you via short beefy riffs, hyper blast fantastic drumming and the very in your face, very raw, very common voice of Csabi.

But despite this being the band's first full-length, Jack is no spring chicken. Matter of fact, the band has been together in one form or another since 1996, but it's taken them almost a decade to get this extreme. Their initial demo apparently had pints of melodic punk rock in it, and as a way to satisfy this band's member's anxiety disorders there are two more satellite bands gravitating to Jack's side; a death grind project called Hysteralgia and a free form/free for all performance group named Ron Jeremy. Yes, like that big dicked mustachoed motherfucker. Back to Jack, this rocks harder than the 1985 Mexican earthquake.

Live4Metal webzine

You can always rely on Mexican label Endless Brutality Of Men for a bit of quality punk influenced grind. Here they present Hungarian crusties Jack, who fire down 14 tracks in just over 17 brief minutes. Subtle this ain't, but I gotta say, for the extremity of the music, this is brilliantly produced, with every single crash, bang and wallop being perfectly audible. If only more bands of this ilk paid a little more attention to the production values...

All of the songs are sung in the bands native tongue. They've kindly provided a translation in English, but even without reading the lyrics, it is obvious by their punk driven beats, that this is politically motivated and full of hate. A perfect soundtrack to a new Europe methinks.

Whether you are a fan of classic English punk or the US variety, I'm thinking the Dead Kennedys here, then you are sure to like this short sharp blastathon.

Crust Punk
One more time a great band launched from the Mexican EBM records: here it is these underestimated  Jack coming from Hungary just like the Human Error. At first sight I wouldn't be expected anything from this band, just considering the name and the cover of the cd. As soon as I turned my stereo on the contrary I had a great surprise: brutal grind-core, hard-core as well as a lot of crust sound. The band was born in 1996, at first with a punk hard-core style. Then,  because of  many  replacements occurred in the band, the style became a mixture of crust- core and grind like that of Napalm Death. Somewhere they remind me of the Rotter Sound.14 Tracks in about 20 minutes: here is the Jack, another band to be advised to those of you that love brutal speed and madness. You can find EMB records in Italy: from Angry records as well as from SOA records. Come on guys !!
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JACK - Blind Law