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Title: Split
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2005
Price: $8.00 USD

Hungary has a lot of quality bands to offer. Jack and Step On It are two bands coming from this side of the planet. Two young bands with a lot of anger and rage that when expressed through music the result is a release of this kind.

Jack 's savage and intense Crust/Core remembers such classics such as Amen ( Fin ) and Extreme Noise Terror in their most raw and furious beginnings.

Total uncompromising and direct HC music just like the old glorious days.

Step On It 's screaming, maniac and distorted HC is the other side of this Split release. The music is fast, violent and desperated to show all the hate coming from inside. Allschool Monster !!!!

> Track List
1. rombolj le mindent 11. I got tired
2. talcan kinalt valosag 12. I hate this game
3. fereg 13. silence
4. szupersztar 14. I hate you
5. a zene gyilkosai 15. homeland
6. a tortenelem vege 16. naked brain priso
7. a gyulolet katonai 17. tomorrow
8. mit varsz 18. fate
9. gggg (step on it cover) 19. gggg
10. letagadott multad 20. blakk
21. dream-like lie
22. too late
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Rise and Subvert Webzine

This is a split with two bands from Hungary that I have never heard of before and I was really excited about this one. You never hear anything about the scene in Hungary so I'm glad that I got this record. Jack are first up on this split CD and they treat you with some fast and raging hardcore punk with an dark and heavy feel to it. I sense a lot of old finnish hardcore in their songs too. Bands like Kaaos and Tereet Kädet comes to mind, though Jack has a faster tempo and sometimes leans towards a more grinding sound. Step On It picks up where Jack left and the fast, raging hardcore continues. Instead of the finnish hardcore influences It feels like Step On It pulls influnces from US thrash-bands like Charles Bronson and What Happens Next? But they still manage to bring a lot of their own sound to the songs too which is great cause this is some great tracks. I can imagine what it would be like to see Step On It tearing it up live with a crowd going insane infront of the scene. Just like Jack, Step On It have a distinct dark and grinding metal feel to their songs that surprises you every now and then. This is a split-cd that I'm going to listen to alot from now on and I hope I will see more of these two bands and I would love to get to see them live someday even if I have to go all the way down to Hungary to do so. Keep it coming. Sonny (may 18th 2006)

Attack Fanzine

To be honest I didn't know what to expect from a band named Jack as it doesn't suggest much, but since Step On It either brings my thoughts to thrash or NYHC I guessed both bands on here would fall under either of those categories. I guess I was half right at the same time as I was twice right - you see, these two bands both land somewhere in between both those two genres. At least some times.

Jack, who just as Step On It are from Hungary, starts off with ten tracks of fast thrash that at times are on the verge of turning into grindcore. There aren't really that many heavy breakdowns, only a few, but I still get the feeling that these guys do use some NYHC records as influences as well. Perhaps not actively, but they can be found in the home of the songwriters, along loads more of thrash and grind albums. This is not too bad although I'm not going to praise it too much either. It seems as I write similar sentences as that last one in many reviews now a days, am I getting pickier or do I simply get a lot of "ok, not more" records to review?.

Over to Step On It. Will they make it or will they also turn out to be an "just ok" band? Well, besides the shifting of sound and slightly different vocals it's hard to notice that there's been a change of bands. The first times I listened to this CD I never really could tell what band I was listening to since due to a few moments of not paying attention and I missed the change. But I've learned to hear the difference now. Besides the already mentioned differences Step On It do have a few more of those mosh-breakdowns thrown in where Jack instead would go for blast beats. Step On It are still going at it at breakneck speeds but are keeping it more straight up thrash and are because of this also the better of the two in my opinion.

Step On It raises the grade of this split and is a band I would like to hear more from while Jack probably won't catch my attention again. Kinda weird now that I think about it since they aren't that much different, but that's still my feeling when comparing the two. [Krogh, July 2006]

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