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> Biography

Jack was founded in 1996. Original line-up was: Birka-drums, Muntyán-bass/vocals, Dusty-guitars. In those days we played mostly Brittish punk cover songs, and we have written our earliest songs. The lyrics and songs were terrible and primitive. Our first gig was in Kiskunhalas on the 19th of December, 1996.
In the summer of 1997 Levi-vocals and Métely-bass joined the band, and Muntyán started playing the guitar. With this line-up we recorded the awful rehearsal tape, Állítsátok meg ! . We recorded our first studio demo in the summer of 1999. Its title is Te sem vagy más . We tried to find our own style: the demo contains fast and melodic punk songs. After the recording Csabi joined the band, so we had two singers. Our music turned into hardcore. We found our style and sound on the next stuff, Vissza ki az utcára , which contains British punk and hardcore themes. Int he summer of 2001 Dusty left the band and Jirzsi joined us. After Csabi has left the band the present line-up has formed: Birka-drums, Muntyán-guitars, Jirzsi-guitars, Métely-bass, Levi-vocals. We recorded the stuff Téged akarnak in 2002. We mixed HC, punk, crust and grind elements in the music.
In addition to Jack we had a death/grind project called Hysteralgia with the line-up: Csabi-vocals, Birka-drums, Muntyán-guitars, Dusty-bass. We have another psychonoise project working still named Ron Jeremy , which is a perfomance group without style restrictions. The line-up is: Birka-drums/vocals, Muntyán-guitars, Métely-bass/vocals, Levi-vocals. Birka left the band in 2004 and the new drummer is Bakelit(ex- Din-Addict ) amd with this line up we make the following stuff Jack/Step On It-split 2005 , ebm records and our forthcoming lp (will release end of 2006 or early of 2007, ebm records(mexico) and mamma records(serbia-montenegro). After Métely left the band and our new bassplayer is Kócos, also we are touring, writing the songs. UP the crust, grind, death-metal!!

> Discography
Album Label Year
Jack / Step on It Split CD EBM 2005
Jack / Yattai Split CD   2009
> Line-up
Vocals: Levi
Vocal/Guitar: Muntyán
Bass: Kócos
Drums: Bakelit
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