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Title: S/T
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/aug/2007
Price: $9.00 USD

Spanish response to Tragedy and His Hero is Gone .

NOSFERATUS SUBWORLD delivers 9 tracks of Dark and Apocaliptic Crustcore that will bring to your mind obscure and twisted visions of a dying World. Crude/raw sound and despetare vocals complete this nightmarish entity making this release a true landscape of despair and agony.

The band's debut and final full lenght !!!!

> Track List
1. Apocalipsis 6. Ya no hay tiempo
2. The Fear 7. Crisis
3. Niños de la Guerra 8. No Existe ese Enemigo
4. Time of the Rising Sun 9. I never thought you could act
5. Tons of Garbage  
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> Reviews
Lords of Metal

Why do we hear this CD now? These Spanish power violence dudes have recorded this in the year 2003! But then again, if it would have been released in that year, the release would be an obsolete one anyhow.

The hardcore power violence, packed in eight tracks right up the same alley as Converge and Spazz, is just pimped a bit with melodic heavy metal pieces. They try to be varied, but fail in the so urgently needed aggression in music and vocals. This does not contribute one bit to this immensely popular genre.

Attack Fanzine
Nosferatus Subworld from Spain play fast, dark, and somewhat melodic crustcore with small hints of rhythmic USHC on this disc. The band put out this CD and later a split 7" with Ultimo Preso before they split up and some members went on to form Holocaust In Your Head. The material on the 7" is comparable to the American band The Total End and are in my opinion better stuff, but this CD aren't too far behind and is still full of solid songs.
The strength of Nosferatus Subworld is in my opinion their ability to do catchy riffs worked into powerful ones and always maintaining the intensity. With the crustcore as the foundation they add real groovy riffs mixed with some sharp metallic ones, at times not too unlike the ones of Slayer and similar bands.
A great band and it's a shame they're no longer around as I would've liked to hear a lot more, especially since this was a band that started out real good and then pretty much perfected it already on their second release. [Krogh - April 6, 2007]
Metal Storm
Now, this is what I call a Goddamned crying shame: The favourite of the four releases that were sent to me by EBM Records turns out to be the band's debut "Yes, bleedin' brilliant, so that means they can only improve over the years. That means they will become huge since this debut just blows me away" And what do I read in the accompanying biography? The band's debut and FINAL full length. No, no, please tell me that isn't true, the my eyes are deceiving me and that I need new glasses. But a little background check proved that, unfortunately, my eyes weren't playing any tricks on me. Boohoo, sniff, blubber. Why oh why, you cruel world? The horror of it all.
Yes, another crustcore band but with a slight twist. Some slight metal influences are discernible making it just the way I like it for this sort of music. I think that never in my life have I read a biography which just nails the sound for one hundred per cent. Well, there has to be a first time for everything. And here we get that. Just sit back and listen "Nosferatus Subworld delivers 9 tracks of dark and apocalyptic crustcore that will bring to your mind obscure and twisted visions of a dying world. Crude/raw sound and desperate vocals complete this nightmarish entity making this release a true landscape of despair and agony." Spot on that is.
All in all nine tracks with a heavy yet somewhat clear sound which is also crude and raw. The twin guitars adding that much needed punch and dark apocalyptic touch. And the vocals are so desperate that I can envision the split flying around at concerts.

The two main jewels among the nine apocalyptic subterranean visions of hell are Time Of The Rising Sun and Tons Of Garbage.

This album is proof that God doesn't exist, and isn't merciful at all, unlike what some people want us to believe, or else he wouldn't have allowed this to be Nosferatus Subworld's final full length. So, what's left for me? Just spin it round and round until the cd wears down, I guess.

Damn, so all in all another good release by EBM Records in the traditions of old school core. First Generhate, Comando Caveira, Human Error, and now the best till last: Nosferatus Subworld. EBM Records surely is a stand-out Latin American hardcore label. Open-minded metalheads should really check out the releases by this label.
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