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Title: Genocidio Urbano
Format: CD
Release Date: 12/Apr/2008
Price: $9.00 USD

It was 1987 when PATRIA ARMADA hit the Brazilian Scene for the first time ever, now 20 years later the band is finaly able to release its debut full lenght: Genocidio Urbano . The result is some of the best Hard Core music coming from the wild streets of Brazil.

Strongly influenced by Ratos de Parao, Patria Armada hit the Brazilian scene just at the same time as some of the now Classic Brazilian acts.

Now, the band has put together all of its experience and skills to release 19 tracks of pure & classic Old School Sound. 80's Brazilian HC/Punk at its best.

> Track List
1. Bush e Hitler ( Bush is Hitler ) 11. Realiade Fatal ( Fatal Reality )
2. Crueis Predadores ( Merciless Predators ) 12. Nao ( No )
3. Passeatas ( Demonstrations ) 13. Matanca Autorizada ( Allowed Massacre )
4. Geral ( Police Raid ) 14. Dias de Agonia ( Days of Agony )
5. E o Homem fez a Bomba...( ..And the man made the bomb. .) 15. Xingo, Cuspo Vomito ( I Curse, Spit, Throw up so I am Alive )
6. Cidade Morta ( Dead City ) 16. Morte Depois Da Morte ( Death after the Death )
7. Menor Abandonado ( Rejected Child ) 17. Sem Futuro ( Without Future ),
8. Fascistas ( fascist ) 18. Patria Armada
9. Retardados ( Mentaly Retarded ) 19. Uniao ( Union )
10. Fim Do Mundo ( End of the World )
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> Reviews
Deaf Sparrow webzine

Extreme music fans who haven't noticed the releases from this Mexican label should wake up and pay attention. Their roster is quite varied and has something for everyone, especially for those more consciously minded.  A few weeks back I covered the Hirax EP they released in the last half of 2008 and prior to that I covered a very nice Hungarian crusty hardcore combo called Human Error.  Now is the turn for Brazil's Patria Armada, an old school quintet that started in 1987 under the moniker Disturbio-H and who only now are getting their first proper full-length out. Certainly, these dudes may have lost some hair and gained some pounds in the meantime but their anger is just as youthful and fresh as the first time they heard Agnostic Front.

Logically, Genocidio Urbano is as old school as old school gets. Which means there is a burly melodic quality to their hardcore. From the first moment on the roughness and in your face simplicity of it all Patria Armada recall their countrymen Ratos de Porao, who are of course the clearest point of reference for South American hardcore. The vocals of Gildo have the same crudity and girth of Gordo's and the band behind him trails close behind solidly delivering nineteen quickies that are never short of melody. The whole thing sounds like they want to pummel you against the wall and at the same time cover you with caramel.

Sure, Patria Armada are a bit of an old school affair and as such they are bound to appeal mostly to those hooked on traditional hardcore of both the Boston and the NY scene. And their delivery is so basic it may just provoke a few nostalgic tears, but the band delivers with such aplomb it makes the whole album sound rather actual.

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