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> Biography

THE BEGIN - The Band PÁTRIA ARMADA was created in 1987 by two friends, Niva dos Santos (guitar player) and Lécio (bass Player) during a beer and bullshit night in a bar called "Baldão" (big bucket) in São Caetano do Sul , a city near São Paulo (the biggest South America city). DISTÚRBIO H (Hardcore Disturb) was the band name chosen by the guys. Lécio invited some old friends to join the group and the rehearsals begun.

Few months after some of the band mates decided to get out leaving Lécio and Niva alone again. So, Gildo , another bar friend, was invited to be the singer and he called his friend Magnus to be the drummer. Both were from a band called PÁTRIA ARMADA which was split at that time. With few words they convinced Niva and Lécio to change the band name Distúrbio H to Pátria Armada (they were just looking for a new name because there were two or more groups with the word Distúrbio in the name). After some rehearsals PÁTRIA ARMADA started playing in some local gigs. In 1989 the band recorded seven songs in a precarious studio.

MORE CHANGES - In 1990 Magnus left the band and Zé Galinha (one more friend!) toke her place to left the band few months later and Biruel , a guy from a city called Guarulhos (near São Paulo ) started as the new drummer. But the end was near. Still in 1990, the band got an invitation to play in a tattoo convention. The organization was a fucking mess and the group was scheduled to play five in the morning! The presentation: a total disaster and after that, PÁTRIA ARMADA split forever (or almost!).

THE RETURN - In 1999 Gildo worked hard to convince the old mates to put the band again on tracks. A lot of phone calls later, the "really" first four guys were in the "business" again: Gildo (vocals), Magnus (drummer), Lécio (bass guitar) and Niva dos Santos (electric guitar). Ten years after (or almost that) as the old Fenix image, PÁTRIA ARMADA reborn!

ew months after the return, the band went to a studio and recorded in three hours six songs to a CDR Demo called 500 Anos de Miséria (500 Years of Misery). Everything was done in a single shot, no mix after, even the vocals! In March 2001, once again, Magnus left the band and another friend named Marcelo "Cão" (dog) was requested to hold the sticks. In August 2001 another guitar player join the band, a big gay named Tito and that is the 2007 PA line-up. 20 years after the begin, seems that the show will must go on!! (Niva dos Santos October 2007)

> Discography
Album Label Year
Genocidio Urbano CD EBM 2008
> Line-up
Vocals: Gildo
Guitar: Niva dos Santos
Guitar: Tito
Bass: Lecio
Drums: Cao
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