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> Biography

Pollution was formed in 2007 by Bane(vocals) and Pippy(guitar), with one sole purpose - playing old school thrash metal! Band was soon joined by Golub(drums) and Gruba(bass guitar), and they started rehearsing and composing songs, and also playing as many gigs as they could. In the august 2008 Pollution recorded first demo "Our Way", which got very good reception in undeground metal scene. Also, "Terror Blast Production" released "Our Way" on a split cd, named "Deadly Pollution", which featured another young Serbian thrash metal band Deadly Mosh. In the September 2008, Gruba left the band and was replaced by Frenki, and couple of months later Golub also left the band, and was replaced by session drummer Tihi, drummer of another Belgrade thrash band, Fatality. Band countinued to play live and compose new songs, which finnaly resulted in recording of EP called "Massive Overload" in May 2009.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Elimination by Radiarion CD EBM 2009
> Line-up
Vocals: BANE
Guitar: PIPPY
Drums: LOLE
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