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> Biography

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with extreme contemporary punk and metal.

Resistant Culture's root structure extends deep from the tree of extreme music. In its original form going back to the late 1980s, the band was called Resistant Militia.  It combined the arts of punk and metal to incite a new movement that fused dark heavy sounds with the politics of survival. 

Over the years, founder Anthony Rezhawk's hauntingly audible growls have been backed by many fleeting members.  The current line-up consists of the following musical visionaries.

For over a decade, Katina, a classically trained guitarist has brought a high degree of sophistication to the band. Thrashing hair, shredding leads, and incendiary tone distinguish her as an axe-woman to rival the hordes of men.

Since the late 90s, Rafa, a veteran avante-guard punk innovator  has brought diverse musical elements on bass.

In 2003, Ben Axiom, the anarcho-punk/metal influenced drummer was recruited. He thunders out an alternating barrage of machine-like blasts and traditional heart-driven punk beats.  

As the current line-up congealed and proved to be the most powerful and dynamic yet assembled, the late Jesse Pintado R.I.P. (TERRORIZER/NAPALM DEATH) a long time friend and former band-mate of Anthony Rezhawk, began writing, recording, and playing with Resistant Culture.  He contributed on and off for two years before his tragic abrupt death in August 2006.

The last contribution Jesse made to the world of music was the monumental long awaited Terrorizer follow-up release Darker Days Ahead. It was his recent involvement in Resistant Culture that laid the foundation for Anthony Rezhawk's vocal performance on this historic album.

Currently licensed by SOS records, the re-release of Resistant Culture's Welcome to Reality CD contains 16 tracks of urgent tribal grind crust.

The band has finished the long awaited All One Struggle ablum and is currently licensing distribution throughout the world.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Welcome to Reality CD Various 2008
All One Struggle CD EBM/Seventh Generation 2009
> Line-up
Vocals: Anthony
Guitar: Katina
Bass: Rafa
Drums: Ben
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