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Title: Speedboozer
Format: CD
Release Date: 9/Oct/2013
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 31th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Tired and fed up with the pathetic, sterile "Metal" scene now-a-days and the popularity of Emo/Hipster/Scenster/Fag -core music, Count von Emoslayer decided to recruit some die hards into a raw, filthy and primitive project named Speedböozer. In the vein of Motörhead and Venom, the trio set out to create some of the most raw, aggressive, and pissed off Punk Metal these parts have ever seen. Taking the love for raw Punk bands such as Discharge, Disorder, G.B.H. and The Exploited and molding it into the love for Motorhead, Venom and Warfare (along with a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic films and 1%er Biker Culture). Speedböozer is the fist in the face of modern music and a middle finger at all the fashionable, trendy Emo kids. Fuck off to technical, sweep picking, "look at me", break down playing pretentious pricks and show offs. FUCK YOU. Distortion and deafness! Raw, violent, and primitive! We are the atomic bastards of the modern age. We are... the mighty SPEEDBOOZER!!!

> Track List
1. Back on the road 7. PKH
2. Drop the nukes 8. Gunned down
3. Metal punk 9. Heavy Artillery (Tank Cover)
4. Violence & noize 10. Maximum force
5. Crank it up 11. Speedboozer
6. Live free - stay wild  
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> Reviews
Zombie Ritual Fanzine

What a great surprise I got when I listened to first track of this album. This is thrash metal rude, fast and vertiginous. Somehow the sound is based in punkish elements, and stinks (in a good way) like an open sewer and with no mercy. The most important aspect of the band is the style of vocalist Count von Emoslayer, who definitely is a die-hard fan of Lemmy from Mötorhead.

If you ask me, this album sounds like a kick in your balls and it delivers high doses of adrenalized guitar riffs among heaviness and punkish vibes . All tracks have this lethal mode forged in speedy drums, hard corish guitar riffs and sprinkles of crossover elements. It seems like these trio of motherfuckers from North Carolina have experience with dirty music since a long time ago, and they've been very active since they created the band. No sweet melodies here, but only destructive metal of rottenness. Hell yeah!! – Victor Varas

Heavy Hardes

Ein Kniefall vor Motörhead ist das Debüt der Band Speedböozer aus North Carolina. Wo die drei Herren einerseits gar schamlos Riffs und Songstrukturen bei ihren Idolen räubern, klingen sie andererseits aber doch eine ganze Ecke aggressiver als diese. Das beginnt beim durchgehend hohen Tempo und endet beim heraus gebellten Gesang, der wesentlich gröber ausgefallen ist als Lemmys charmantes Reibeisen. Der Mann am Mikro nennt sich übrigens Count Sleazegrinder von Emoslayer. Old School bis ins Mark gewinnt dieser Herr nicht nur den ersten Preis für das dämlichste Pseudonym aller Zeiten, nein, er serviert uns sein ganz persönliches Anliegen auch noch auf dem silbernen Tablett. Das wäre die totale Ablehnung zeitgemäßer Strömungen im Rock- und Metalzirkus. Oder anders formuliert: die Verachtung von "neo-thrash kids, emos, scene kids and all other kinds of poser scum" (Zitat Beipackzettel). Sympathisches Kerlchen und wandelnder Beweis dafür, welchen Schaden der übermäßige Konsum von Moonshine so anrichten kann!

Fakt ist aber, dass Speedböozer mit ihrer räudigen Mixtur aus Rock'n'Roll, Thrash und Punk ganz schön ordentlich in den Popo treten und mit "Back On The Road", "Drop The Nukes" oder "Violence And Noize" einige amtliche Nackenwirbelschänder am Start haben. Es fehlt der Scheibe nur deutlich an Abwechslung und tatsächlich herausragenden Momenten, von einem Hauch an Individualität ganz zu schweigen. Ärgstes Manko, dicht gefolgt vom grindigen Covermotiv, ist jedoch der Sound der drei Schluckspechte aus dem Hinterwald. Die Songs wurden nämlich recht leise aufgenommen und versprühen darüber hinaus den "Charme" eines 20 Jahre alten Demotapes, womit wir wieder beim Anspruch vollkommen Old School zu sein angekommen wären. Ob oder bei wem genau Speedböozer am Ende mit ihrer Mucke punkten können, bleibt abzuwarten. Freunde von Venom , Toxic Holocaust und natürlich Motörhead können die Scheibe ja mal antesten.

Metal Temple
A burst of energy, noise and filth.

The first time I heard this, I thought it was shit. The second time I realized it wasn't as bad as I first thought. I can imagine seeing them live, thinking these guys are crazy arseholes and loving the show but live shows and albums are completely different things. As well as listening to this madness I also read stuff on their page online and they really revel in all the anti-music, anti-melody structureless madness. I think that's really what they're aiming for, I just don't think they care about all fancy-pansy things like all that.

The band sounds like crazy people who listen to MOTORHEAD , TANKARD and the Macc Lads but thought they were all too tame so decided to get drunk and crazy. There's not a great deal of variety with them but it's actually pretty fun Rock N' Roll with a wee bit of the old NWOBHM and huge doses of pure madness.

The opener “Back On The Road” is a classic touring song, and pure MOTORHEAD . There's a real NWOBHM feel to it, done in what I already know it classic SPEEDBOOZER style. Best song on the album? There's not a great variety with it but its pretty decent and worth a listen. Second track “Drop The Nukes” is more chaotic, built around one sledge hammer of a riff and lyrics I could hardly understand beyond a few “Drop The Nukes” . “Metal Punk” is pure MOTORHEAD . The opening riff is a nice one, and the vocals sound just like Lemmy . Some of the guitars on this one are pretty good, and all very Phil Campbell . “Violence And Noise” is what SPEEDBOOZER are all about. The song does exactly what it says on the tin; there is a furious pace, a really nice riff at the start. It's quite nice before the end when it gets all crazy with a voice screaming in your ear “Violence And Noise” .

“Live Free – Stay Wild” has the most different intro, going all slow and melodic. You know that wasn't going to last very long, and when the song kicks in it kicks your arse. It shows they have the ability to have that variety, but just don't want to. They know what they want, and slow and melodic is not what they want. I do like “S/T” , it is pure MOTORHEAD . All the album is like a Motorhead covers band but this one is a good song that I'd listen to again. Band: SPEEDBOOZER song: “Speedboozer” off the album “Speedboozer” . It's always worth hearing the band's eponymous song, and “Speedboozer” is nothing to grab you really, it sounds exactly the same as the previous song “Maximum Force” but that's what they do. Count Von Emoslayer 's vocals are as they are throughout the album, barely understandable. The bit of piano at the end is unexpected, but a nice way to end.

This is not going to be for everyone, and they'll do well if it's for anyone. It's all about MOTORHEAD and it's all about blind chaos and sheer madness. If you like all that then this is for you, if you want melody and structure then stay well clear of this

On first listen I was going to give this a 0/10 and to be honest, I think they'd love that. They'd revel in it. But on second listen it is actually a lot better than anything I could do so I'll give it a 4/10.
Heavy Metal Maniac
Gli States si sa, hanno prodotto una marea di thrash metal bands nell' arco di tre decenni, e si può dire che il thrash sia nato proprio (o probabilmente, scegliete voi), negli U.S.A., ma non tutti i gruppi americani si dedicano ad un thrash tipico della nazione in cui vivono, ma alcuni come gli Speedböozer hanno preferito ispirarsi a gruppi d'oltreoceano come Motorhead e i Bulldozer (sì proprio i nostri).

Dalle prime note dell'omonimo debut, la voce del cantante ricorda in modo devastante quella di A.C. Wild e la parte musicale è una combinazione dei due gruppi sopracitati e per farvi un paragone con qualche band più recente, potete accostare lo stile del gruppo a quello dei Gehennah di "Decibel Rebel".
La cosa che salta subito all'orecchio è la qualità con la quale è stato registrato l'intero disco (nonostante l'Ebm Records abbia prodotto dischi con qualità nettamente superiore, basti pensare a "The Damage Is Done" dei nostrani Torment), il che fa storcere forse un po' il naso in quanto oggigiorno va bene emulare il passato, ma avesse avuto una qualità superiore sarebbe stato sicuramente un top album, almeno per me.

Una nota di merito va data sicuramente all'artwork che ricorda tantissimo il post apocalittico di Mad Max e il bianco e nero fa risaltare tutti i dettagli, quindi ottima scelta.
L'album in se si dipana attraverso undici tracce di puro thrash 'n' roll con sfumature punk dove la batteria è un "tupa-tupa" incessante e le canzoni non pensano minimamente a rallentare o a cambiare ritmo per la loro intera durata. I punti più alti del disco si registrano con la canzone "Metal Punk", con l'intro in cui il cantante urla "Rock 'n' Roll" (apice assoluto), e con l'azzeccata cover di "Heavy Artillery" dei Tank che sta a dimostrare quanto il combo statunitense sia devoto alla frangia inglese stampo Motorhead, e per chi non lo sapesse i Tank furono prodotti e lanciati sul mercato da Eddie Clarke appunto dei Motorhead (all'epoca).

Su questo disco non ci sono tecnicismi, e questo è un bene soprattutto per la proposta musicale affrontata dal gruppo, in netta contrapposizione con ciò che esce sul mercato in questo periodo. Ovvio dire che non è un disco per tutti, appunto per le sonorità molto grezze e poco curate, ma farà la felicità di tutti quelli che aspettavano un nuovo disco dei Gehennah che non è mai arrivato.
A me personalmente questo disco piace molto e posso affermare che ascoltare un album del genere dopo che la scena musicale è stata invasa letteralmente da prodotti thrash di matrice tecnica e affini, è veramente una sorpresa.

Consiglio anche solo l'ascolto del disco a tutti i thrasher e i fan dei Motorhead lì fuori per giudicare di persona un prodotto di una band che con la modernità non ha nulla a che fare.
U.S.A. strikes back!!!

Recensore: Luca Maggi "Il Meggi"
Voto: 80/100
Rock en Cuba
Primer Trabajo de éste dúo fanático del sonido Venom y Motorhead, un verdadero alegato de sonido crudo, metálico y rudo, totalmente analógico y orgánico, formado por Count von Emoslayer al bajo, guitarra y voz y Goatrider en la batería.

Verdadera actitud Punk, y declarados admiradores del cine post-apocalíptico, lo cierto es que su música bien podría encajar en films como Mad Max. Empiezan con la tralla a piñón fijo de “Back On The Road”, para seguir con el sonido crudo y de garaje de “Drop The Nukes”.

”Violence and Noize” el cuarto tema está más cerca del Metal/Punk de grupos como Exploited y Disorder. Solos en le vena más rockera a lo Motorhead, también los justos, no es una banda de virtuosismo, van directos a tu cara, con la actitud Punk que les caracteriza.

”Crank It Up” recuerda a la onda de los primeros tiempos de Venom. ”Live Free –Stay Wild” da un pequeño respiro con comienzo de guitarra acústica para dar paso a la tralla más salvaje y punk-rockera.

A los fans del sonido de garaje y Metal/Punk crudo les gustará seguro, fuerza y actitud no les falta. A destacar la portada tipo comic con esqueletos punks post-apocalípticos.
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