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> Biography

Twilight Zone were formed in January 1993 by the will of Stefano Giusti (bass & vocals, then rhythm guitar until 1999), Cristian Angelini (guitar) and Pierluigi Salvatori (drums). The first part of the career was spent with a very first demos and some local shows and only since 1997 the band activities reached for an higher level. Two demo cds were released and there were a good number of live shows. In 2003 Fabio Bertini (guitar) and Filippo Belli (drums) joined the band and with them together with Francesco Bovecchi (bass player since 1999) the demo cd “Plague” was released. In the past three years the band played some shows around northern Italy and took part to the second edition of “Tradate Iron Fest” together with Virgin Steele, Omen, Doomsword and Hyades. In 2011, after the separation with Filippo Belli, the band chose to go on as a trio, shifting Francesco Bovecchi on drums and Stefano playing bass after more than ten years. No live show was played with this line up and the only thing left was a song recorded for a tribute cd dedicated to the Italian heavy metal legends Strana Officina. In 2012 the experienced vocalist Val Shieldon joined the band and immediately the band started an intense work about new songs to be recorded for a full length cd. The recordings and the mastering of the songs was made in spring/summer 2013 and everything is completed in September of the same year.

> Discography
Album Label Year
The Beginning CD EBM 2014
Plague Demo CD Self release 2006
Onirical Inheritance Demo CD Self Release 2003
Steel Alive Demo CD Self Release 2000
Wandering Reflections Demo tape Self Release 1994
> Line-up
Vocals: Val Shieldon
Guitar/KB: Fabio “Lord Kain” Bertini
Bass: Stefano Giusti
Drums: Francesco Bovecchi
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