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Title: Discography
Format: CD
Release Date: 15/abr/2009
Price: $10.00 USD

41 tracks Discography of Cult & classic 90's Crustcore from Brazil .

Features the band's previous releases available for the first time on CD format.

Under Threat established a reputation in the Latinoamerican underground scene as one of the most aggressive American crustcore bands. With their Discography CD Under Threat delivers 41 anger-inspired tracks of ferocious and relentless crust. Blending social concern and political frustration into a lyrical attack that equals the band's sonic violence, Underthreat absolutely destroy, delivering a rebellion-inducing audio onslaught.

+ Split EP w/ I.A.F. ( Japankore/Crust Records ) U.S.A. 1994.
+ LP "Bomb Scars" ( LowLife Records ) Brazil 1997
+ Split EP w/ Dischord ( People Like You/Shit Records ) Brazil 1999
+ Split LP w/ Battle Of Disarm ( People Like You/Putrid ) Brazil 1999
+ Plus NEW Recording
> Track List
1. They Call it Democracy 23. Respect the Earth (Crude SS)
2. Latinamerica Bleeds 24. Dom Ljuger (MOB 47)
3. Justice for Sale 25. Bomb Scars
4. Blind Eye (Ripcord) 26. Brutalizing the Nations
5. There was never a hope 27. Sick Mind
6. The Big Nothing 28. A Point of Conscience
7. Made in England 29. Smash the Norms
8. Happhy and Proud ? 30. Mind-Fucker Control
9. Trapped 31. The Tiger
10. Break the Chains 32. Blood and Greed through Vivisection
11. Smash the Norms 33. Disclaim the System
12. Bomb Scars 34. Changed Values
13. A point of Conscience 35. Nazism Sucks
14. Blood and Greed through Vivisection 36. Bringing Disgrace on Humanity
15. Sick Mind 37. Puppets on a String (LARM)
16. Walking to Disaster 38. Smash the Norms
17. Endangered World 39. Mind-Fuckers Control
18. Children of the Streets 40. Nazism Sucks
19. Point of no Return 41. Bringing Disgrace on Humanity
20. Bomber Attack
21. Violence Increases
22. Just for the Self Interests
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Attack Fanzine
With the back of this CD listing forty-one tracks I automatically expected some fierce blasting grindcore to explode through the speakers, so I was a bit thrown off guard when it instead was speedy and crunchy crustcore-styled music that reached my ears. I'm sure this Brazilian unit have listened to "Scum" a number of times, but I'm guessing they've been blasting the collected works of bands like Doom a lot more, alongside a healthy dose of crude Swedish hardcore as well - especially noticeable in the Shitlickers-styled guitar sound they have on a couple of the recordings. They offer a few covers of Lärm, Ripcord, Mob 47, and Crude SS on here and those serve as an indication on how they sound as well.
This CD compiles the split EP w/I.A.F. (1994), "Bomb Scars" LP (1997), split EP w/Dischord (1999), split LP w/Battle of Disarm (1999), as well as tracks from the upcoming split LP w/Reltih and two more unreleased tunes. It's possible that to go through these seventy-two minutes in one sitting might be a bit much, but on the other hand they maintain the same quality throughout so if you've heard one recording from the band and liked it you'll like all of what they have to offer. If you haven't heard the band before but are in the mood for raw and brutal mid- to fast-paced crustcore you know where to look. [Krogh - September 5, 2009]
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UNDERTHREAT - Disclaim the System