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Title: Discography
Format: CD (Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve)
Release Date: 20/jun/2008
Price: $10.00 USD

Available (in a very limited edition) in Asia only as support for the band's tour. EBM is now able to release the War All The Time discography CD to a wider audience. This time this killer release has gotten a deluxe treatment. The CD comes packaged in a beautiful Gatefold sleeve which makes it look like a minireplica LP.

This work includes all tracks from: " Split EP with Whole in the Head ", " Split EP with The Horror ", "Upcoming EP on Yellow Dog" plus 3 Unreleased tracks.

17 tracks of non-stop Crustcore/D-beat madness from the UK.

If you are into classic bands such as Doom and Wolfbrigade then this release will kick your ass

> Track List
1. La Resaca 10. The Craving
2. The Mighty 11. Take me to your Leader
3. Crook of Doom 12. The Amber Room
4. You are Gonna Die 13. Wilfred Owen
5. Whispering Death 14. The Death Rattle
6. House of Keys 15. Sanguine Disposition
7. Denature 16. The Gods will Listen
8. Crack of Thunder 17. Falling into Place
9. Bearward Flight  
> Sound Sample

> Reviews
Attack webzine
This here is a UK based band with a bunch of old guys who's been around since the dawn of punk and have paid their dues in outfits such as Sawn Off, Health Hazard, Boxed In etc., and the first question that pops into my head as I listen to this is: how the hell have I managed to miss this band? I have no good answer for this, but I'm glad War All the Time and Endless Brutality of Men decided to give stupid people like me a chance to redeem this mistake with this discography CD. A CD which includes their split EPs with the Horror and Whole in the Head, as well as three previously unreleased tracks and seven more tracks that were meant to be on an EP but remained unreleased (until now) and have instead been re-recorded along with new songs for the upcoming LP on Yellow Dog Records.
Musically this is rampant crustcore/hardcore where I spot traces of influences from some known old classic UK bands, filtered through more recent international stuff like Disrupt, Warcollapse, and Pisschrist - who in turn obviously share some of those "original" influences. And I must say that the band scores a few extra points by naming themselves after a Poison Idea album, even if the similarities stop there.
If you want to get up to speed with what the band has been doing up 'til now as you wait for the LP to come out, and in my opinion you should if you're interested in seventeen tracks of raw crusty hardcore, you know where to go to get your fix. [Krogh - December 13, 2008]
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WAR ALL THE TIME - The Craving