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> Biography

It is the 2003 and Leonardo Cardinali decides to form a band. The 16-year-old guitarist starts writing riffs and lyrics for his band, in the meantime he looks for the members for the line-up.

In August 2004 Leonardo goes for the first time in rehearsal room with the drummer Catrax. In a month two songs are completed and speed and power outlines the Thrash style of the band. In September Karim Venturini comes into the band as guitarist. The three guys continue on songwriting with the name of Bothers. With Treja as singer and Fruscy on bass, the line-up is full and Bothers record their first two demos: “Alone As Death” (4-tracks, 2004) and “Kill For Insanity” (6-tracks, 2005).

In 2006, the band changes several line-ups in order to find his own way, so the couple of guitarists takes the lead. Lorenzo Domizi and Matt Strona, respectively drums and vocals, are the right dudes for going on. Later, also Dave Storto' comes into the band as bassist.

In September 2007 Bothers release a low quality record called “Live MASSACRE!” (8-tracks). The EP is a collection of songs performed live in several gigs between 2006 and 2007.

The 2008 opens with the decision of the band to record a self-produced entire album. “No Way Out” is going to be the first full-lenght of Bothers, but Dave Storto' leaves the crew right before the recording sessions begin. K. Venturini plays the bass for the records, while Dave D. Scoscina will take the bassist place several months later.

The album comes out from the Lullaby Recording Studio of Civitanova Marche (MC - Italy ) on January 2009. Mix and Master are made by the engineer Enrico “Nrehk” Tiberi and “No Way Out” has the right aggressive sound the band was looking for. Even if not signed by any label, the album has a good response by criticism and reviews. With a stable line-up and an album on their back, Bothers are ready to spread over. After the publication of “No Way Out”, the band collaborates with radios and fanzines and plays several gigs. The first deal comes from Greece and is “called” Floga Records. The little but hard-working label permits the band to press the first LP edition of “No Way Out”. The 500 copies spread out soon through the European and international underground distro.

In February 2010 Bothers agree with the label EBM Records from Mexico City for a new deal, consisting of a re-edition and distribution of “No Way Out” in CD for the American Continent. In the meantime, the band self-releases a DVD called “Last Day At Destroyer M.F.”. The live video shows the entire performance of Bothers at Destroyer Metal Fest ‘09, where the band presented his first album. A new demo-CD is included in the DVD package, with four new inedited songs. At present, Bothers are working on new songs for the next album and looking for a label interested in promotion and distribution of their music world wide.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Alone as Death Demo   2004
Kill for Insanity Demo   2005
Live Massacre EP   2006
No Way Out CD   2009
No Way Out LP Floga 2010
No Way Out CD EBM 2010
> Line-up
Vocals: Matt Strona
Guitar: Leonardo Cardinali
Guitar: Karim Venturini
Bass: Dave D. Scoscina
Drums: Lorenzo Domizi
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