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> Biography

Dissystema started in June of 2002 as a 3 piece with the intentions of playing simplistic dbeat rawpunk. Within 48 hours the first 5 song demo was recorded.

The lineup consisted of: Kevin Sims - drums, Jay Savoy - bass, vocals Steve Mangione - guitar, vocals

This lineup lasted through the 2003 "Rawpunk Holocaust " demos, where shortly after Kevin left the band. At this point Jay had began playing second guitar but the hunt was on for a permanent drummer and bass player. Plans were already set in motion for the Holokaust and Earth Today splits, so the tracks were recorded solely by Jay and Steve (Jay took on drum duties and Steve the bass).

2004 rolled around and saw the release of the Earth Today (Undislessed - France ) and Holokaust (Cries of Pain - US) splits as well as the addition of Rob Sandomerski on bass and Tom Perkins on drums. Also in this year the "Grim Prospects of Our Future" LP (Putrid Filth Conspiracy - Sweden ) was written and recorded and shortly following after in 2005 was the recording and release of the split ep with Endless Nightmare (co release between the bands).

Shortly after this, after a falling out, Tom was asked to leave the band and Todd Weiss joined to complete the, with any luck, permanent line up. Currently work has begun on the second LP to be entitled "The Silent Earth".

> Discography
Album Label Year
Dissystema/Holocaust "split" 7ep    
Dissystema/Earth Today "split" 10"    

Grim Prospects of our Future LP

Dissystema/Endless Nightmare "split" 7    
3 Years in Hell - The Discography CD EBM 2007
The Silent Earth CD/LP EBM/ 2009
> Line-up
Vocals/Guitar: Steve Mangione
Vocal/Guitar: Jay Savoy
Bass: Rob Sandomerski
Drums: Todd Weiss
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