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> Biography

HELLKOMMANDER started in mid 2005 by Adrameleck (Drums : ex Grave Desecrator, ex Nocturnal Worshipper, ex Apocalyptic Raids, ex Sodomizer) and Leatherface (Bass, Sodomizer, ex Thy Rites), after a short period of auditions Poison Hell (Guitars/Vocals : Farscape, Sodomizer, Atomic Roar, Diabolic Force) joins the band. With an intention of playing Old School 80..s Death Metal and Power, Speed and Traditional Heavy Metal influencies the bands adds themes as War, Satanism, Occultism, Death and Necromancy to their lyrics, defining their style as Raw Death Metal. In October 2006 the band goes to the studio and records an 8 tracks in HR Studio (R.J.) Mixed and Mastered by Leonardo D. Pagani. In 2007 the label dark Sun rec. realesed your debut Death To My Enemies ( cd format ), the labels Iron Bone Head rec and High Roller rec realesed together the lp version from Death To My Enemies ( black and splater vinyl ), in 2010 Dying Victims Productions realesed the tape version of Death To My Enemies with 3 music bonus . Nowadays HELLKOMMANDER is focusing in producing new songs for the second work, to be expected in late 2011.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Death to my Enemies CD Dark Sun 2007
Death to my Enemies LP Bone Head / High Roller 2007
Death to my Enemies CD EBM 2011
> Line-up
Guitar/Vocals: Poison Hell
Bass: Leatherface
Drums: Adrameleck
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