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> Biography

Homo Homini Lupus started in June 2003 with Dragan Matori (NULLA OSTA, MERCENARY COCKROACH) on bass and Luze (HIJOS DEL PUEBLO) on drums, but only after Mr. Bane joined the band on the guitar in Fabruary 2004, name for the band was born. In just a few months we had enough songs to record first demo album "Neverending Nonsense", which was released for BUM Records from Slovenia on CD and split tape, with legendary hc band Wasserdicht. Everything was finished just in time for the upcoming european tour in September 2004 .
Now, we've been really speeding ahead, but not all good came out... From March to September 2004 we managed to write, record and release all songs from "Neverending Nonsense", along with booking the upcoming tour. Because of all these plans, projects and occupations with other bands we play in, sound of the record did not turn out as we wanted...., but all this is in the past!

Nowdays, after playing numerous gigs and always improving our sound, combining dis-core with grind, we released devastating, aggressive and
insane new album called "What a fucking waste of life" on EBM Records from Mexico in 2008.
Once again, the release came out just in time for promotional tour in Brazil, which followed in January 2009. We hit the road and in 4 weeks we played 13 shows together with countless bands, who become our personal favorites. In just six months after returning to Europe, we are almost ready to record new, third album, which should be out in 2010. Watch out for the news about upcoming release and gigs. See you on the road...

> Discography
Album Label Year
Neverending Nonsense CD BUM 2004
What a Fucking Waste of Life CD EBM 2008
> Line-up
Guitar/Vocals: Mr. Bane
Bass/Vocals: Dragan Matori
Drums: Luze
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