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> Biography

"Mentally Defiled" is an Athens based Thrash Metal band, formed in late 2001 by George “IronBeast” Balios (vocals) , Alex Argyrakopoulos (guitars) and George Efsathiou (guitars) .The group started originally as a cover band - playing classic heavy and thrash metal songs.

After a couple of years " Mentally Defiled " begun to compose their own first songs and started giving live perfmoraces,in the most known greek stages like "An club" , "Texas Necropolis club" and "Harley bar" as a support act.

The band's music tag nowdays is a hubrid,influenced by the 80ies & 90ies American and German Thrash Metal,blended with their personal inspiration and ideas but mostly from their passion to the original "Thrash" Metal way and sound.

Many listeners characterise them like a blend of "Exodus" of the first era,with "Testament" " Atroph y" "Sacred Reich" and even "Demolition Hammer" veins. Lyrical themes varies and concerns from war, politics and justice up to beer,football and horror movies.The band has participate in many underground collections like “ Hangar collections vol. I ” in 2005 (with the song “Mosh Pit Maniac”) , while a cover tribute cd to greek hardcore legends "Antidrasi" is due to be released soon , as well as a thrash collection cd among other greek bands (crucifier,suicidal angels,released anger etc.)

In 2008 the band completed the songs for their first full album and starts looking for a producer that knows this 80's & 90's sound in order to help "M.D" to deliver and achieve the sound they want.

After a long search,the band hires Stathis Pavlantis (known for his works for Reflection,Marauder,Tears,Wastefall etc) and they enter "Music House studios( www.themusichouse.gr )" on the summer of 2008.

The recordings kept about 4 months and the result is..."The Thrash Brigade". A combination of US & German Thrash Metal,given with a RAW in-your-face-production without effects or drum-machines.Just pure Thrash Metal!

Join the Thrash battalions... "WHIMPS WATCH WHILE MEN MOSH..."

> Discography
Album Label Year
The Thrash Brigade EBM 2011
> Line-up
Vocals: George “IronBeast”
Guitar: Alex Argyrakopoulos
Guitar: George Efstathiou
Bass: George Politis
Drums: Bill Tsafas
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