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> Biography

Formed in 2008 under the short lived name, "Ravage", Nemesis quickily entered the Charlotte scene with their unique raw, and fast style of thrash. Combining elements of bands like Exumer and Vio-lence with clean, high vocals in the vein of Nasty Savage and Agent Steel with "80's b-horror/sci-fi" themed lyrics. While playing a handful of local shows, front man Corey Hetrick and drummer Viken Tashjian went through a number of bassists before discovering Jason Duncan in 2010 and began to quickily make a name for themselves in NC and surrounding states. However, in 2013 the band suffered a two year hiatus before being able to release their debut album. Things seemed quiet until 2015 when the band returned with a vengeance. Now with a east coast tour in August and the debut album set to be released on EBM Records, Nemesis is back and ready to bring thrash metal to the masses!.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Atrocity Unleashed CD EBM 2017
> Line-up
Vocals/Guitar: Corey Hetrick
Bass: Jason Duncan
Drums: Viken Tashjian
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